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Directorate Orders In Paper || There Is No Reality In Atmosphere || No Safety Measures By The Department Of Posts



No: PC-25/JCA/COVID-19 dated 27.03.2020.


Sri Gautam Bhattacharya,
Chief Postmaster General,
West Bengal Circle,

Respected sir,

       We, both the above Federations in West Bengal Circle, express the deepest anguish, strongest grievance and resentment of our staff over the attitude and behavior of a section of officers in our circle.
       We are seeing that outside, there is no reality and atmosphere at all for the staff to reach and keep all the offices open. Yet, the PMsG, South Bengal and North Bengal Regions, PMG (M&BD) and subsequently some lower level officers are exerting severe pressure and practically threatening all staff under their respective jurisdictions for attending offices at any cost, which is inhuman and draconian at this hour. In our circle, the department has taken no action to provide minimum protection to staff, with some very rare local exceptions. In the name of providing basic and minimum postal service as told by the Postal Directorate, the above officers are pressurizing the staff to keep all offices including B.O.s open and all staff to attend including GDS and contingent-paid workers, without exploring comparatively easy method of running postal services in selected post offices with minimum staff.
      But none of the orders of these officers convey some way out as to how to manage some transport on the road, or how to maintain hygiene and protection in the office and counters as hand wash, sanitizer and masks are practically vanished from the market. With the issue of series of orders daily, staff side would prefer some words of reality on these aspects. Our circle authorities could have taken it up with the State Govt authorities to ensure supply of these items to our staff as they are supposed to provide ‘essential service’. But unfortunately, we are left on our own and probably supposed to provide service keeping ourselves and our families at life risk. We believe that our officers at all levels are really interested to provide service in the circle and hence, it is our humble request to officers at all levels to come down to the field, which will certainly encourage the staff.
        Otherwise from the staff side, we are communicating you in clear words that if these officers are not restrained from their present activities immediately, our unions will come forward and make steps very shortly towards withdrawal of entire postal services in our circle. Our employees along with their family members are so aggrieved that they are ready to face any kind of consequence for that.
       We hope that as our Circle Head, you will kindly intervene and make them act sensibly and wisely to manage the present crisis.

With regards,

Yours faithfully,

A.Biswas, C/S, AIPEU Gr-C, (NFPE)

S.Chakraborty, C/S, Postmen & MTS (NFPE)

T.Bhowmik, C/S, GDS (NFPE)

S.Barua, C/S, SBCO (NFPE)
S.Nandy C/S, R-III (NFPE)
D.Dey, C/S, R-IV (NFPE)
S.Das, C/S, Admin Union (NFPE)
S.Dey, C/S, DA(P) (NFPE)

Kaushik Chakraborty, C/S, NAPE Gr-C (FNPO)
Soma Ghosh, C/S, P-IV (FNPO)
Ashok Kr. Mitra, C/S, NUGDS (FNPO)
Hiranmoy Sarkar, C/S, Civil Wing (FNPO)
Partha Pratim Bhattacharya, C/S, NUR-III (FNPO)
Bholanath Das, C/S, NUR-IV (FNPO)
Piyush Kanti Rakshit, C/S, Admin (FNPO)
Sankar Shaw, C/S, DPLI (FNPO)
Basudeb Naskar, C/S, DA(P) (FNPO)

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