Positive recommendations of the GDS Committee yet to be implemented


All CHQ office bearers & Mahila Committee Members
All Circle Secretaries 
All Branch / Divisional Secretaries

Dear Comrades,

You are well aware that orders on the implementation of the recommendations of GDS Committee viz., wage revision, allowances, drawal of arrears, Maternity leave, Severance Amount, SDBS etc., released during the last two/three days. Still many more orders have to be released on the recommendations of GDS Committee.

Lots of discussion is effectively going on among the GDS and well-wishers of our GDS employees. But discussion should be made in an analytical and scientific way. Then only conclusion can be formulated.

All CHQ office bearers, Circle/Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to hold meetings / conventions to make discussion on the recommendations of the Committee and the respective orders being released for the same.

It is informed that some circles are already convened meetings during next month. Our Union’s Central Working Committee meeting is already scheduled on 4th September. It is noticed that other GDS unions are also convened their CWC meetings.

Our CHQ is expressing its dissatisfaction & disappointment over the dilution and deviation of some of the recommendations. The true spirit of the positive recommendations of the GDS Committee has not been appeared in the orders.

After perusal of the opinions of Circles and their conclusions, in consultation with higher bodies and other GDS Unions future course of action will be decided.

All are requested to give top priority on the subject and report to CHQ at the earliest.

Fraternally yours,

General Secretary

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