Finacle Patch deployment 11.09.2020


Subject: Patch Deployment in Finacle

Dear Teams,

Details of CBS patches deployed in last one month is provided below:

Transfer-in option is provided for SCSS in account opening menu

Bulk Transfer of BO accounts linked to a BO from one SOL to another

Patch for fixing the issue faced in interest generation during RD closure. Also preventive fix for non-generation of interest transaction during RD closure is provided.

Preventive fix for non-generation of agent commission transaction during account opening

APY modification module to accept non-financial / financial modifications with respect to APY active policies and to update voluntary exit / death closure status APY policies.

GSPR changes
Changing renewal scheme code is disabled during renewal of TD accounts
Transferring of TD accounts from one scheme to another is restricted during scheme transfer through HACXFRSC
During charge collection through HGCHRG, transaction types T/BI and C/CP are only allowed.
Restriction of TD accounts renewal to 2 times only through HTDREN is provided.
Validation of denomination and flow amount during RD account opening verification is provided.
Funding of SB account opening with a minimum amount of Rs.500- is validated.
For defaulting charge collection flag as Y in HICHB menu

With regards

Giriraj Ponnambalam
Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology, Chennai 600002
044-28543481, +91 94441 08080

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