How to tally transaction when HFINRPT is disabled???

  1. Go to HFTI
  2. Enter the SOL ID
  3. Enter start date and end date
  4. Give the ledger code for ex. To check SB
  5. give Ledger code as 30001
  6. Uncheck the “Today transaction only” box.
  7. Click on “Go”
  • Once it is done the data will be displayed
  • Copy the whole content with the headers and paste it in an excel sheet
tally transaction in HFTI
  • Go to the small pad like icon and choose “Match Destination Formatting”
  • To tally the amount create one more column after J th column in excel
  • Select J th column Go to DataText to columnDelimited tick space and other check box and in other check box give the value as “.”(dot)Finish
Now you have the values which can be summed according to credit and debit.

tally transaction in HFTI
  1. To calculate the credit first create filter for the 1st row by clicking ctrl+shift+L
  2. Then go to K th column then select 00 C for credit transaction and 00 D for debit transaction.
  3. Credit and debit transaction are now tallied.

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