Open TD and RD accounts through DoP eBanking Portal Automatic By This Tool

open td and rd through e banking

·         Registered account in DoP eBanking Portal
·         Google Chrome
Once you have downloaded the installer from Google Drive, run the installer. It will create a shortcut in the Desktop and open the Application for you. For the first time, it may take some time to run, to finish scanning of the Application by your Anti-Virus.
Open the Application and enter the details. Then Click start. The Application will fire up Google Chrome and browse to eBanking Portal. It will automatically fill the credentials you have provided. Once it reached the screen for OTP. A pop up will appear. Enter the OTP in the pop up window and click ‘Ok’. It will start browsing to the page for account opening and will start to open the number of accounts for the denomination you have provided. You can minimize it, continue your other work or buy some Popcorn and enjoy the show J. The good thing about this Application is, you can watch everything happening on your screen.
Note: Don’t try to control the Browser manually, unless you want to crash the Application.
This is not an official Application developed by DoP or TCS. This tool is provided ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied and such tool is to be used at your own risk. You can open as many as accounts you want to open using this tool. It is not right by DoP guidelines, to open multiple accounts in the name of single person on a day. Developer does encourage or endorse such behavior. Change your log in and transaction passwords, once you have finished using this tool. Do not share your log in credentials with anybody.
For people with security concerns, this tool won’t be able to log in without OTP. Once you close the Application, the session data will be destroyed. This tool uses Chrome Driver for Browser Automation. Chrome Driver mostly uses for testing Browser or Web sites. So, there will be no direct interaction with DoP databases. Instead of doing the work manually, a Bot will do the job for you. That’s all. 
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