IPPB में CTM का प्रयोग करते हुए ट्रांजेक्शन कैसे करें ?

This post will explain how to deposit/withdraw/transfer transaction in IPPB and to familiarize screen for transaction 

Command used for the above mentioned transaction is same as in DOP Finacle but the interface is quite different. CTM

Following screen will appear
IPPB Transaction

Select the Authentication Type (1). Any one of this (Aadhaar number/QR card No/Mobile number/Customer ID) can be selected to proceed. 

Enter the unique ID of the Authentication type selected and click on Fetch Customer Details (2)

Details of the customer will be fetched and following screen will appear

IPPB Transaction

All information of the customer will get fetched and will be displayed.

For proceeding further OTP should be generated and validated.

Though Capture Finger Print option is available to validate, it is now disabled and is directing to proceed with OTP validation. 

For this click on Generate OTP (3)

Six digit OTP will be generated to the customer mobile number

This has to be validated through Validate OTP (4) button.

Identity of the customer should be verified by the customer

Following message should be confirmed by the Official before proceeding

IPPB Transaction
Following screen will appear

IPPB Transaction

This screen displays customer details (on the top) and account number linked with that customer (IPPB and POSB. If POSB ac is not linked, only IPPB account will be displayed)

Click on the IPPB account

Then click on Transaction Type Details (Cash Deposit/Cash Withdrawal/Fund transfer etc) 

Above screen is for Cash Deposit transaction.

Debit account number (Teller account of the official) and Credit account number (Customer Account number) will appear automatically (in case of Deposit transaction)

Enter the Transaction Amount 

For completing this transaction, again OTP validation is there. OTP has to be generated by clicking Generate OTP and should be Validated through Validate OTP.

On successful validation of OTP, Transaction will be completed with a successful message

Following is the screen for Cash Withdrawal
IPPB Transaction

Here debit account will be customer account and credit account will be Teller account of the official

Following is the screen for Cash transfer
image result for IPPB Transaction

Here From A/c number will be customer account and To account number will be the account number give by the customer to which amount is to be transferred from his/her account.

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