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First note down House bank I’d and Bank key


  • House bank- click searcher
  • Remove filter 500 and list
  • Searcher – key in bank name
  • (Note down for each bank)

View red ink item (unadjusted item)


  • GL (Bank Drawings / Bank remittance  for the state)
  • Posting date (Select From and To as Last month)
  • Custom selections : Year & PC
  • F8(Copy it in Excel)

Scroll Entry by schedule PA


  • (Varient – DOPI , Type – 4)
  • Bank key (Available from FCHI)
  • Bank ac no (Available on PM Cheque)
  • Currency : INR
  • Statement no – (Scroll number)
  • Statement date – current date
  • Bank posting only – Tick
  • Press <enter> three times

Trans : DP01 (For Remittance)
             DP02 (For Drawings)
Profit center 
Bank Ref  : Chq No. For drawings
                   (Assignment in FAGLL03)
                   : Doc. No. For Remittance
                   (Doc. No  in FAGLL03)
Amount :   Amt 
(Prefix minus symbol for drawings)
 Doc. date : PO accounting date
Value date : scroll date
( Enter all row entries like this )
click GOTO – Change controls
(Press enter as many times as the number of row entries)
Finally, OB/CB screen will be displayed.
Opening balance :  0
Closing balance   : Total  amt.  
(Prefix minus sign before the Total
Amt. in case of Drawings)
Click Tick
Click Tick
(Entered Amt &  Bank Amt are tallied)
(A table of entries in Yellow colour will be displayed)

Verify the reconciliation  by APM accounts


House bank : (Available from FCHI)
Account I’d : click searcher
              R00001 (For Remittance)
              D00001 (For Drawings)
  • Execute
  • Click arrow in front of House bank
  • (The scroll entries will be listed down)
  • Select the red entry
  • Post

(Drawings will be adjusted then and there)
For Remittance :
   Click document
   Enter doc no in From & To
(Do these for each entry)
(The entries in FEBAN screen will be Green.)
  • Check in FAGLL03 and verify the entries are Green now. Note that Clearing document column are filled with document numbers. Export to Excel.
  • Print

View the reconciliation report


(Dont worry .This won’t work..!!)

So FAGLL03 Report is enough.

Note 1 : The  reconciled amount will appear in the DAC of that profit center on both Receipts and Payments under Bank reconcile GL for drawings and Remittance.
Note 2 : The cheques from BNPL customers received as monthly bill will have to be adjusted like this in Bank reconciliation process so as to get accounted  in  the respective customer’s account

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