DOPBNK message meaning

DOPBNK Message Meaning – Official Information

The Meaning of DOPBNK is Department of Post Bank and It is Post Office SMS Service from Department of Post (Post Office) for SMS Alerts for its Customers.

Friends If You get Any Message from DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK or TD-DOPBNK regarding Debit or Credit Money, It Means you have Account in Post Office in India and these are the SMS Alerts for your Transactions. Lets Know About DOPBNK Messages more.

Sample Message Screeshot

DOPBNK Message Meaning - Official Information
DOPBNK Sample Message

FAQ – DOPBNK Message

Friends, there are several doubts in mind regarding these types messages. We will try to clear all doubts as we are from Post office and knowledge of Everything. Few FAQ given below for more information.

Question 1: I have received message from DOPBNK regarding Debit Money from my Account. But i have no Account in Post Office.
Answer : Dear Friend, if you have received such type message from DOPBNK, it means you have FD in Post Office and which has been matured. Post office sends these messages after maturity of FDs (NSC, KVP or TD)

Question 2: I receive messages always that 1000 Rs. has been credited in your account. But i have not a single account in Post office. What is meaning of this.
Answer : It means that Someone given wrong Number(Your Number) While Opening RD Account in Post office. Since Post office not Verified Any Mobile Number while opening account and customers are also not aware of SMS Alerts service in Post office, that’s why you are receiving these messages every month.

Question 3 : As I have no Account in Post Office still I receive messages from DOPBNK, I want to stop this messages. How can I do this?
Answer : Ok well, You have to visit nearest Post Office and Show them message, there will be transactions id in Every message starting from IN or S (As Screenshot Above). Simply give a written application to stop SMS service mentioning Transaction ID. They will remove your Number from that account and you will not receive these messages again.

Friends If you have any Query regarding this, simply you can comment in below comment box and WhatsApp us by clicking WhatsApp button available in corner of this website.

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