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Aadhar : Different Kind of Errors Classification

1) Demographic Error :
  • These are errors in resident name, address,gender, date of birth and poor quality photograph.
2) Biometric Exception I ( BE-I) :
  • Full Finger Prints or Full Iris incorrectly recorded as missing.
3) Biometric Exception II ( BE-II) :
  • Bad quality photo in exception photo Exception not visible in exception photo
  • Photo of Photo within a BE
  • Exceptional Photo of A Different Person
  • Exceptional Photo of An Object
4) Biometric Exception III ( BE-III) :
  • Photo not as per guidelines.
5) Photo on Photo :
  • When a photo is of other photograph and/or non human
6) Use of unparliamentary / Abusive language in resident’s demographics.
7) Enrollment with fake / No POI / POA, Fudged consent slip generation / Any enrolment done by tampering UIDAI Software
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Download Aadhar ECMP v3.3.4.2 Application – UIDAI

As per HQ UIDAI Notification on 30 Jan 2019, ECMP & Applications will stop working after 18 Feb 2019.
Download aadhar ECMP

So Please Download the new ECMP OTA Client using below link and start installing at all your centers.

Note 1 : Please upload all the pending packets before deregistering the clients and Register new OTA Client (Offline), new Registration requires two step verification and the same needs to share to RO Bengaluru with the attached template to activate at UIDAI portal, then only operators can able to On-board in the Client.

Note 2: Please do not de-register the Kit once you shared the station Activation list to RO Bengaluru.

Links to download OTA Client: 

Non Whitelisted with Dependencies:- (File Size: 1.16 GB)

Non Whitelisted without Dependencies:- (File Size: 409 MB)

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Guidance for Aadhar Operators to update DOB only once in the life time of resident

All Aadhaar operators may be guided:
Image result for uidai
Date of Birth can be updated only once in the life time of resident.. So, whether it is new Enrolment/update, please do it carefully.

Date of Birth can be updated only as “Verified” mode based on original Proof of Birth document (Declared date of birth cannot be updated presently)

Date of Birth can be updated (+) or (-) 3 years difference from the age in Aadhaar. Other Updations with more than 3 years age gap will be getting rejected even though submitted with Documents. Residents may have to contact UIDAI BANGALORE RO for further guidance.

Original Document in the list of documents is required for updating DOB. Even though colour Xerox of PAN with lamination is submitted, please ask for original PAN, if that document is submitted so.

Document with name “Govt. Photo ID card/Photo ID card issued by PSU containing DOB” is to be considered only for Govt. Employees/Public Sector Undertaking Employees ID card. Please don’t treat Voter ID, Driving Licence with DOB as Govt. ID cards since names of those documents are not specified in list of documents for DOB like that of POI, POA. For employees only, it may be accepted.

Please do not accept School/College TC (Transfer Certificate) as Proof of Birth Document.