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Post Office Silent Account Revival Form PDF

Post Office Silent Account Revival Form PDF

If Your Post Office Savings Account is Silent, Download Silent Account Revival Form in PDF and Submit along With KYC Documents.

Form NamePost Office Silent Account Revival Form
Document RequiredKYC Form, Aadhar PAN Photocopy and one Passport Size Photograph
Post Office KYC form Download LinkClick Here

Usually Post Office has no official form for Post Office Savings Account Revival. Account holder have to write application for revival of Account. But by this form simply fill some details with KYC Documents and Submit to Concerned Post Office and Get Your Account Revived. Here below Preview of The Post Office Silent Account Revival Form in PDF and Download Link available.

Download Link for Post Office Silent Account Revival Form

Download in PDF (1 Page) – Click Here

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Post Office NEFT RTGS Form in PDF

post office NEFT RTGS Form

Download Post Office NEFT RTGS Mandate form in PDF by below link available. Now all Customers can avail NEFT and RTGS Services from 1st May, 2022

The Beneficiary gets the funds on the same day or the next day.

  • Till now Post Office Savings Account withdrawal/closure could only be done through cash withdrawal and Cheque. Now, with NEFT/RTGS Post Office Savings Account withdrawal/closure amount can be transferred to other bank on request of customer.
  • Similarly Post Office customers can send money to Post Office accounts from other bank through their internet banking. This will make investment in POSB schemes easier. At present, NEFT Inward Remittance is allowed only to Post Office Savings Account. However, this facility will be extended to PPF and SSA accounts shortly.
  • IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) is an eleven-character alphanumeric code that is used to identify the particular branch of a participating bank and is used in remittances namely NEFT & RTGS. For POSB customers there will be only one IFSC for all branches/POs. IFSC for POSB customer is IPOS0000DOP.
  • UTR number for NEFT is 16-digit Unique Transaction Reference number.
  • NEFT services are available across counters during regular business hours of the PO

Post Office NEFT RTGS Mandate Form for Transferring Amount in Bank.

Download PDF

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Master Schedule of Forms in Post Office (Forms Indent Proforma)

Master Schedule Of Forms In Post Office (Forms Indent Proforma)

Here below is Master Schedule of Forms in Post Office Which Contains all Forms No. and Form name required in Post Office. Use this for Forms Indent.

Master Schedule of forms

Office Name :

Class of Office :

Head Office Name :

MNo. Of Branch Post Office :

S.NForm No.Form NameQty. of forms required for one yearRemarks
1ACG-17Money Receipt for Payment
2ACG-61Charge report
3ACG-22(A)BO daily Account
4APP-45Application for leave of GDS
5Lab-54(S)Service Envelope (Small)
6LI-24PLI Proposal Form
7LI-101Loan repayment book
8LI-34Loan Bond form
9M-1 & M-1(A)Combined mail list
10MO-8(e)(1)Combined money order form
11MSD(T)-27Services Books
12MS-18(L)Book of Postmarks
13MS-87(A)Book of BO receipt
14MS-2Error Book
15MS-27Postman Book
16MS-7Hand-Hand receipt Book
17PLI-01RPLI Proposal Form
18PLI-2(T)RPLI Premium Receipt Book (T)
19PODSpeed ppst AD Card
20RP-36(M)Insured Enevlope
21RP-36(S)Insured Enevlope
22RP-54(A)Acknowledgement for foriegen articles
23RP-54(S)Saleable Acknowledgement card
24RP-54(L)Acknowledgement card (Losse)
25RL Intimatuon slip
26RP-55VP Article receipt
27RP-9VP Register
28Stamp AlbumStamp Album
29S-97File Cover
30S-37Attendance Register
31SB-AOFApplication for opening of new Account/purchase of certificates
33SB-ATM1ATM_mbanking_ebanking request form
35SB-7Withdrawal form
36SB-7AApplication for closure of account of maturity
37SB-7BApplication for pre-mature closure of account
38SB-7CApplication for Loan/Withdrawal from RD,PPF and SSA account
39SB-41Application for issue of duplicate passbook
40SB-EXT1Application for extension of RD, TD, PPF and SCSS account
41SB-83Register for automatic transfer (Standing instruction)
42SB 44Register of Acks for Passbooks delivered
43SB 45Register of withdrawals in BOs
44PA 5BO Journal
45PA 6BO account
46SB 2BO SB Journal
47SB 77BO RD Journal
48SB 26(T)Preliminary SB receipt Book
49SB-28(D)Pass book receipt Book
50SR-1Leave application
51SB-2Stock Book
52TR-25(A)TA Bill for tour
53APY FormsAtal Pension Yojana Forms
54PMSBYPardhan Mantri Suraksha Beema Yojana forms
55PMJJBYPardhan Mantri Jeevan Jyothi Beema Yojana forms
56SB2BO RPLI Journal book
57RPLI BondRPLI Policy Document (Gram Santhos)
58RPLI BondRPLI Policy Document (Gram Suraksha)
59RPLI BondRPLI Policy Document (Gram Suvidha)
60RPLI BondRPLI Policy Document (Gram Sumangal)
61RPLI BondRPLI Policy Document (Gram Priya)
62RPLI BondRPLI Policy Document (Gram Children)
63RPLI BondRPLI Document Despatch Cover
64File CoverRPLI File Cover
65PLI BondPLI Policy Document (Santhosh)
66PLI BondPLI Policy Document (Suraksha)
67PLI BondPLI Policy Document (Suvidha)
68PLI BondPLI Policy Document (Sumangal)
69PLI BondPLI Policy Document (Yugal Suraksha)
70PLI BondPLI Policy Document (Bal Jeeven Bima)
71Despatch cover PLI Despatch Cover
72File CoverPLI File Cover
73LI-7RPLI Pass Book
74LI-7APLI Premium Reciept Book
75Pass bookPLI Pass Book
76INT SlipIntimation slip for SP articles
77MPCM Sticker
78MPCM Sticker
79Speed COD stickers
80StickersRegistered Barcode stickers
81Parcel Barcode stickers
82RL barcode stickers in duplicate for BOs and insured articles-RT(D)
83Parcel Barcode stickers
84COD Parcel barcode stickers YA
85LP stickers (ITP)
86Speed Code sticker-EZ series
87LabelSpeed bag labels (EBT)
88Reg. Bag Label (RBT)
89Unregistered First class mail label (LBT)
90Parcel Bag Label (CBT)
91BO bag Tag Label
92PODSpeed POD
93StationeryBlack sealing wax
94Cotton Twine (for admn. Offices & RMS office)
95Jute Twine (for admn. Offices & RMS office)
96BB Ink Pad
97Electric wax heater
98Stamp Pad (Big)
99Stamp Pad (Smell)
100BSC Ink (1 Kg)
101BSC Ink (1/2 Kg)
102SB 5
103SB 5 A
104Pass BooksNon CBS Pass books
105FormsSb 10 b (Transfer application)
106M-26Test Post Card
107M-26ATrail Card
108MS-84Daily Report of Mail Guard/ Mail Agent
109SB-46Intimation slip to the depositor of the balances at credit of the account and it’s acknowledgement
111SK-1Stock Book
112MS-83Daily Report of Head sorting Assistant
Master Schedule Of Forms In Post Office (Forms Indent Proforma)

Date Stamp

Signature of Sr. PM/PM/SPM

No./ dlgs/ dt. @

Submitted to:

1. The Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices/ Supdt. of Post Offices, _____________ Division

2. The Superintendent, Postl Stores depot., Madurai 625002.

3. Office copy

Approved by

Sr. Superintendent/Superintendent
(Office Seal/Stamp)

Download PDF of Master Schedule Of Forms In Post Office (Forms Indent Proforma)

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Post Office ECS Form – Download PDF

Post Office ECS Form - Download PDF

Here you can Download Post office ECS form in PDF file which is for Transferring Post office Schemes Maturity Amount / Interest Amount in Bank Account.

ECS Mandate Form

 Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) for Credit Clearing Mandate Form – Post Office ECS Form

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Click here to Download PDF

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Post officce ECS Mandate form pdf”]

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ACG 17 Form Post office – download pdf

post office acg17 form of post office || ACG 17 pdf download



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[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”ACG 17″]

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Rule 38 Form for Transfer- Download PDF.

rule 38 form pdf download

Rule 38 Form for transfer- Download PDF.



Application for transfer under Rule-38 of Postal Manual Volume – IV


The Chief Postmaster General,
……………..  Postal Circle,


1.              Name of the applicant
2.            Cadre of the applicant
3.            Name      of     the      unit      presently        working


4.            Date of Birth
5.            Date of initial appointment in the Department
6. Date of entry in present cadre
7. Whether Direct Recruit or promotee


Name  of  examination through  which

recruited/year of DPC

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(b) Whether  probation period has  been


(c) If yes, order has been issued or not
(d) Grade previously held  before

appointment/promotion to present grade.

9. Category (UR/OBC/SC/ST/PwD)
10. Whether Temp./Permanent
11. Whether transfer is requested by providing mutual exchange or not. If yes, particular of the official consenting for transfer
12. Details of earlier Rule 38, if availed:

(a) Date of transfer

(b) Name of old unit

13. No. of Inter-Circle transfers availed during whole service
14. No. of Intra-Circle transfers availed during whole service
15. Name of the unit where transfer sought (Name of Division and Circle for Divisional cadre official/Name of Circle for Circle cadre officials)
16. Whether transfer is under specific provision
17. Grounds for transfer
18. Additional information if any may be submitted in separate annexure.

Declaration: I, _____________  hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. I shall abide by provisions contained in Transfer guidelines issued by Department of Posts vide letter no. 141-141/2013-SPB-II dated______________ , as amended from time to time.



Name, Signature &

Office of working of applicant

Rule 38 Form for transfer- Download PDF.

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GDS Transfer Form and Transfer Rules

GDS Transfer Form and Transfer Rules –

कमलेश चंद्रा कमेटी की सिफारिशों के अनुरूप अब डाक विभाग के GDS कर्मचारियों (अब BPM/ABPM) को एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान पर ट्रांसफर के लिए कुछ शर्तों के साथ  सुविधा दे दी गयी है। कुछ मुख्य शर्तें इस प्रकार हैं –

◆पुरुष GDS कर्मचारी को एक तथा महिला GDS कर्मचाारी को दो  मौके प्राप्त होगें।
◆ कम से कम तीन वर्ष का नियमित इंंगेजमेंट होना आवश्यक है।
◆ जो GDS कर्मचारी ड्यूटी से put off किये गए हैं या जिनके विरुद्ध कोई अनुशासनात्मक कार्यवाही, पुलिस केस, कोर्ट केस लम्बित है उनकी ट्रांसफर रिक्वेस्ट स्वीकार नहीं की जाएगी।
◆ ट्रांसफर के लिए प्रार्थना पत्र प्रत्येक वर्ष अप्रैल से जून महीने तक लिए जायेंगें।
                     प्रार्थना पत्र का प्रारूप