Waiver of recovery of excess payment made to Government employees



Waiver of recovery of excess payment made to Government employees – General instructions for Ministries/Departments — reg.

F No- 01(14)/2016-E.II(A) (Part-III)    Dated 01 April 2024
Issued by- Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Important Information for Government Employees Regarding Excess Payment Recovery

This post is to inform Government of India employees about the process for waiving recovery of excess payments made in error.

Key Points:

  • The Department can waive recovery of excess payments made to government employees under certain conditions.
  • Timely action is crucial. Recovery orders for overpayments must be issued within one month of detection.
  • The waiver amount limit for individual cases is Rs. 2,00,000 (Rupees two lakh only) with the approval of the Financial Advisor of the Department.

Processing Waivers:

  • Ministries/Departments will review all waiver requests according to the Delegation of Financial Power Rules (DFPRs) 2024, Rule 15.
  • They will ensure no serious negligence by the employee necessitates disciplinary action.
  • If a rule or procedure flaw caused the overpayment, it will be reported to the relevant authority for amendment.
  • Waiver recommendations require approval from both the Financial Advisor and Administrative Secretary, adhering to Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) guidelines (DoPT vide its O.M. dated 02.03.2016).
  • In court-directed waivers, justification for not challenging the order is required.
  • For waivers due to rule misinterpretation, similar cases will be reviewed to avoid future occurrences. The Ministry/Department will take corrective measures and document any inquiries or actions taken.
  • For long-unnoticed misinterpretations, the Ministry/Department will document why these cases weren’t identified during reviews or audits.

Large Waivers (Over Rs. 2,00,000):

Waivers exceeding Rs. 2,00,000 require Department of Expenditure approval. These requests should include a detailed note with information following point 3 and a completed checklist (available upon request).

Important Note:

This information is for general awareness only. Please refer to the official order (F. No. 01(14)/2016-E.II(A) (Part-III) dated 0lst April 2024) for complete details.

Source- Department of Expenditure Website

Waiver of recovery of excess payment made to Government employees
Waiver of recovery of excess payment made to Government employees

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