Aadhar Operators Vacancies in Post Office – finalizing of policy


Department of Posts issued Order to submit feedback/Suggestions for finalizing of policy to deploy manpower in Post Office Aadhar Centres – DOP Order

File no. -36-15/2017-BD&MD(pt V)Voll
Government of India
Ministry of Communication
Department of Posts
Business Development Directorate
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001

Date: 26th October 2021


All the CPMsG

Subject: Engagement of outsourced manpower for Aadhaar Enrolment/Up dation.

Kind reference is invited to this office letter 36-15/2017-BD&MD(Pt V) Voll dated 13.10.2020 vide which outsourcing of manpower for Aadhaar Enrolment/updation was approved. BD Dte is in receipt of queries from many Circles regarding various policies for hiring outsourced manpower.

2. In this connection, a concept note for policy to deploy manpower at post Office Aadhaar Centres has been prepared and attached herewith.

3. Circles are requested to kindly submit their suggestions (if any)/ feedback on the aforesaid concept note for finalizing of policy to deploy manpower at post office Aadhaar centres by 01.11.2021 through email bddirectorate@gmail.com positively. If no reply received from Circles by 01.11.2021, it will be considered that suggestions are NIL.

Pranav Kumar
General Manager (BD)

Concept Note for policy to deploy manpower at post office Aadhaar centres Deployment:

• Outsourcing staff can be deployed ar the Aadhaar centres where e footfall is high i.e average number of transactions per day at these Aadhaar centres should not be less than 30.
• The work of supervisor at each Aadhaar centres will be done by permanent employee of India Post. Operators may only be outsourced.

Basic Salary Structure:

• Payment to vendor on pro-data basis (For enrollment Rs.25 per transaction and for updation Rs.8 per transaction)
• vendor to assure basic minimum wage for the operator as per state legislation.

Penalty & Deductions:

• Deduction of Rs. 1000 per day from the vendor if due to lack of manpower any centre remains shut.
• In case of penalty or error including out Bound Dialler survey(OBD (related to Financial Malpractice) as per UIDAI’s guidelines, the operator wise list will is to be obtained from Ro UIDAI. The penalty will be done by the approved vendor. In case of OTD error the concerned operator is to be immediately removed. Further if observed by the administration that name of a particular operator appears in repeated errors, that operator also needs to be replaced by the vendor.

Incentives & Rewards:
• Any outsourced operator who performs more than 2000 transactions per machine in a month than incentive or Rs 2/- will be paid on each transaction mad beyond 2000 transactions.

Tender & bidding:
• The outsourcing of staff will be done through agencies by inviting tenders at RO/CO (to be decided by HoC) for period not more than 2 years.
• Security deposit may be decided by Head of the Circle.

Educational Qualifications & Training:
• The minimum educational qualification of outsourced person will be l2th pass.
• The person should have basic understanding of computer operation and should be comfortable with local language. The person should have been enrolled for Aadhaar and his/her Aadhaar number should have been generated.
• Outsourced person should to be trained and certified by UIDAI certification agency (NSEIT). Persons acquiring 55% marks or above in the UIDAI Aadhaar operator eligibility test can be on boarded as operator.
• UIDAIs certification exam fee will be borne by vendor/agency.
• Training regarding enrollment & updation of Aadhaar cards will be given by the master trainers of DoP at RO,/DO level in the Circle.

Fraudulent/Corrupt practices :

• If any compliant with regard to operator involved in any kind of corrupt/fraudulent practice is received at postal division, Divisional Head will conduct inquiry. Based upon the findings in the inquiry necessary action against the operator has to be taken by the Vendor.

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