Latest transfer guidelines from Department of Posts – September 2022


Department of Posts issued latest guidelines related to transfer policy of Group B and Group C Officials – Order Dated 2nd September 2022

No. X-12/6/2021-SPN-II(i)
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110001
Dated: 02nd September, 2022


All Head of Postal Circles.

Subject: Guidelines for transfer to regulate transfers of Group ‘C’ officials, Group ‘B’ (non-gazetted) officials and Assistant Superintendent of Posts (Group ‘B’ Gazetted) – reg.


I am directed to refer to this office letter of even number dated 31.12.2021 and 05.01.2022 on the above mentioned subject. Reference are being received from Circles seeking clarification on feeding vacancy in data entry module of online Rule- 38 transfer solution developed by CEPT.

2. Instructions on assessment of vacancy for transfer requests have been circulated vide letter of even number dated 05.01.2022. In terms of instructions contained in letter dated 05.01.2022, Circles shall capture data in following way:

(a) Postaman, Mail Guard and MTS:- After issue of notification for conducting departmental examination including for GDS to fill up vacancies of Postman, Mail Guard and MTS, promotion quota vacancy shall not be opened for transfers under Rule – 38. Accordingly, wherever notification has been issued for conducting departmental examination to fill up vacancies of Postman, Mail Guard and MTS, vacancy to be fed data entry module of Divisions/ Unit shall be ‘ZERO’ for both Inter-Circle and Intra-Circle.

(b) Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant – Promotion Quota :- After issue of notification for conducting departmental examination including for GDS to fill up vacancies of Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant (PA/SA), Inter-Circle transfer shall not be allowed against promotion quota vacancy. However, Intra-Circle transfer shall continue to be allowed as it will not affect overall working strength / vacancy of the Circle. Therefore, Divisions shall invariably feed the actual vacancy of PA/SA cadre to facilitate Intra-Circle transfer. However, Circle Office shall feed category wise promotion quota vacancy as ‘ZERO’ to restrict inward Inter-Circle transfer against promotion quota vacancy.

(c) Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant / Inspector Posts – DR Quota :-

i. Direct Recruitment vacancies reported to Staff Selection Commission (SSC) for 2019, 2020 and 2021 recruitment year (vacancy year) shall not be available for transfer.
ii. Direct recruitment vacancies of recruitment year 2022, i.e. vacancies assessed for the period from 01.01.2022 to 31.12.2022, for filling up through SSC shall be available for transfer under Rule-38.
iii. Accordingly, Circles shall capture category- wise vacancies of direct recruitment quota that occurred till preceding month in the data entry module.
iv. Circles shall keep track of change in category-wise number of DR quota vacancies due to inward / outward transfers from/to each Circles. After taking into account the inward / outward transfers, Circles shall report final DR quota vacancy for 2022 recruitment year by 15th January 2023 along with details of category-wise inward / outward transfers.

Explanatory Note: Suppose Circle A had reported 100 vacancies for 2022 under DR Quota. During 2022, suppose 20 inward transfers and 40 outward transfers approved. Therefore, for the 2022 recruitment year net DR quota vacancy for Circle-A shall be 110 (100-20+30) and consequently 10 vacancies will be reduced from other concerned Circles. Thus, Circle-A shall keep records of these 20 inward transfers and 30 outwards transfers for reporting to Directorate.

3. Circle shall note that capturing of vacancy shall be done on monthly basis and instruction mentioned above be followed in letter and spirit.

Yours faithfully,
(Satya Narayan Dash)
Director (SPN)

Copy to : GM, CEPT, Bangalore (for information)

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