PO RMS Accountant Exam Syllabus 2022 (Updated)


Here below the full Syllabus for promotional Exam of PO RMS Accountant (Updated)

Post Office Accountant Exam Syllabus

Hello Friends, I am sharing the syllabus of PO & RMS Accountant exam. Just check the syllabus and collect the book for use in Paper 1 and Paper 2 of this exam.

PO and RMS Accountant Exam Syllabus- Paper I ( With Books) Time: 3 Hours Marks: 100 Marks

Part I

01. FRS 1 to 56

02. SRS 1 to 203
03. CCS ( Joining Time) Rules 1979
04. CCS ( Leave) Rules 1972
05. CCS( Pension) Rules 1972
06. GPF (CS) Rules 1960

Part II
DA, HRA, CCA, CEA, and allowance to GDS employees

PO and RMS Accountant Exam Syllabus- Paper-II ( With Books) Time: 3 Hours Marks: 100 Marks

Part I
01 FHB Volume I & Volume II
02. P & T Manual Volume II( Chapter IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII)
03. Schedule of financial powers of the Department of Posts

Part II
01. P & T manual Vol VI Chapter I, II, VII, XII, XVI, XVII
02. Postal Manual Volume VI part II & III ( Relating to MOs, IPOs, BPOs Sub accountants & Accounts is SOs)

Part III
Overtime allowance, Medical reimbursement HBA, LTC & Group insured scheme

As per recruitment rules of PO and RMS accountant recruitment, the LDCE examination will be held in those divisions where vacancies are available. In the divisions where there is no vacancies surplus qualified officials are available, the PO and RMS LDCE examination will not be held.

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