All SB Orders Issued In 2022 – Serial Wise And Subject Wise

Here it is Compilation of All SB Orders issued in the year 2022 till now. All SB Orders 2022 are serial wise with subject of the SB Order. Click on the Subject to open SB Order.

You can also Download PDF files of All SB Orders Issued in 2022. In every SB order there is link below the Post of Download PDF of SB order 2022. Simply Click on link and Download All SB Orders.

Serial No. SB Order Number Subject of SB Order and Link
1.SB Order 1/2022Prevention of Frauds in Post Offices
2.SB Order 2/2022Online PAN Verification System Functionality in Finacle CBS
3.SB Order 3/2022Corrected POSB CBS Manual (Up to 31.12.2021)
4.SB Order 4/2022Mandatory Use of Savings Account (PO or Bank) for Post Office FDs Interest
5.SB Order 5/2022Small Savings Interest Rate w.e.f. 1st April 2022
6.SB Order 6/2022Printing and Supply of AAR Books and ASLAAS Cards
6.1SB Order 6/2022 – AddendumPrinting and Supply of AAR Books and ASLAAS Cards
7.SB Order 7/2022Mandatory Updation of ASLAAS Card by MPKBY Agents
8.SB Order 8/2022NEFT RTGS Facility in Post Office
9.SB Order 9/2022Execution of HACINT Menu in Finacle CBS
9.1SB Order 9/2022 – CorrigendumExecution of HACINT Menu in Finacle CBS and Amendments
10.SB Order 10/2022Rollout of RICT CBS Version
11.SB Order 11/2022Revision in Interest Rate of Small Savings Schemes w.e.f. 01st July 2022
12.SB Order 12/2022Amendments in POSB Rules
13.SB Order 13/2022Online NSC KVP Account Opening through DOP Internet banking
14.SB Order 14/2022PPF Online Account Opening through DOP Banking
15.SB Order 15/2022Interest rate in Small Savings Schemes w.e.f. 01st October 2022
16.SB Order 16/2022Relaxation of ASLAAS Card Updation
17.SB Order 17/2022Prevention of Frauds in Post Office
18.SB Order 18/2022TDS Deduction on Cash Withdrawal
19.SB Order 19/2022Post Office Online e-Passbook
20SB Order 20/2022Amendments in CBS Manual Rules
21.SB Order 21/2022Amendment in Post Office Passbooks
22.SB Order 22/2022
23.SB Order 23/2022
24.SB Order 24/2022
25.SB Order 25/2022
26.SB Order 26/2022
27.SB Order 27/2022
28.SB Order 28/2022
29.SB Order 29/2022
30.SB Order 30/2022
31.SB Order 31/2022
32.SB Order 32/2022
33.SB Order 33/2022
34.SB Order 34/2022
35.SB Order 35/2022
36.SB Order 36/2022
37.SB Order 37/2022
38.SB Order 38/2022
39.SB Order 39/2022
Collection of All SB Orders Issued during 2022
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