How to Update Mobile and e Mail in Employee ID in SAP


The mobile number and e-mail id of all employees shall be updated in the employee Self-Service Portal using their user credentials in SAP.

All the employees (both departmental and GDS) upto SO level has access to ESS Portal. Concerned HO may get the details of mobile number and e-mail id of the GDS working in BOs and update the same in the SAP. The procedure for the same is furnished below:

  1. Login into EP → Click on Employee Self-Service Tab → Click on “Personal Information” as shown below
  2. Then click on “Maintain Communication Details”
  3. Choose relevant “Communication Type”. Enter the details [Mobile Number, e-mail id etc.,] and submit. The information so submitted will be updated in the SAP.
  4. The communication details can also be uploaded in bulk by the concerned DDO. The T-code and format to upload are given below as in PDF.

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