PLI Incentive Generation through System


PLI Directorate issued instructions regarding pre – requisites for generation of PLI incentive through system | Letter Dated 25.11.2022

Letter Number56-02/2019-LI
Letter Dated25.11.2022
Issued byPLI Directorate
SubjectPLI Incentive Generation through System
Signed By(Gurvinder Singh)
Deputy Divisional Manager-I
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Kindly refer to Technology Division email dated 23.05.2022 regarding AC-DO-DA mapping in Circles. Vide the referred email, Circles were requested to make hierarchical changes as per the steps provided by CEPT and was to be completed by 27.05.2022 as any delay will result into non generation of incentive.

2. Meanwhile, SOP for disbursement of incentive was shared with Circles on 06.10.2022 for generation and payment of incentive to sales force from August 2022 onwards through system. But Circles reported that they were facing numerous problem/issues while generating the incentive due report for the month of August 2022 through system like summation of total incentive is incorrect, wrongly mapping of Agents
etc. Therefore, Circles were requested to keep “Said SOP in abeyance till further orders.

3. In this connection, it has been intimated by Technology Division of PLI Directorate that following pre-requisites are required for generation of incentive though system:

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3.1 Many Divisions are having multiple Advisor Coordinator IDs and Agents of Division are distributed among these AC IDs. One Division must have only one AC ID and all Agents of a Division should be attached to that AC ID only.

3.2 Many Divisions are not having DO IDs in their hierarchy as same DO 1s assigned to work for multiple Divisions. This is resulting into non/wrong Incentive calculation. In system, one DO can be tagged under single Division only.

3.3. In many Circles/Divisions, mapping of Direct Agents with Development Officer is still pending/incorrect. This is resulting into non/wrong Incentive calculation.

4. Accordingly, Circles are requested to kindly arrange to do the needful as mentioned in para 3 above on top priority basis. Any issue being faced by Circle may be taken up with Technology Division of PLI Directorate and CEPT for its rectification. Therefore, Circles in consultation with Technology Division of PLI Directorate and CEPT are requested to arrange to resolve the above-mentioned issues by 01.12.2022 and report compliance to Technology Division of PLI Directorate under intimation to the Business Division. Any delay in the above pre-requisites may result in non-generation of incentive through system.


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