On boarding of GDS substitutes for IPPB Services


Government of India 
Ministry of Communications 
Department of Posts (PBI Division)

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi 
Dated 22 December 2023



Subject: Regarding on-boarding of GDS substitutes for IPPB Services


I am directed to state that many Circles have reported that BPMs perform POSB and other postal transactions in the IPPB supplied DARPAN mobile device even though they are engaged on stop gap arrangement. However, they are not being empowered to perform IPPB transactions during such arrangement. Wherever, the BO is having only BPM (single-handed BO) with delivery powers on stop gap arrangement, the customers are deprived of IPPB services and this situation is causing a lot of inconvenience to the IPPB customers.

2. In this regard, instructions have been issued to India Post Payments Bank for onboarding GDS substitutes for IPPB transactions. This will lead to make all IPPB Access Points live and availability of IPPB services in BOs during stop gap arrangement.

3. Therefore, it is requested to issue necessary instructions to all concerned to coordinate with IPPB Circle Managers in this regard and ensure IPPB services are made available in all BOS irrespective of whether these are manned by regular GDS or substitute.

Copy for information to: – The MD & CEO (IPPB)

Yours faithfully,

Signed by Mithilesh Kumar Mandal

Date: 22-12-2023 14:05:07 Reason: Approved
(Mithilesh Kumar Mandal)
Assistant Director General (PBI-II)

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