Latest Update about IPO Exam Result 2022

Latest Update about Result of IPO Exam held on 25th to 26th June 2022 – Vigilance Clearance and Vacancy Position

Letter NumberF. No. A-34013/01/2022-DE
Letter Dated25.10.2022
Issued byDE Section Department of Posts
SubjectLDCE IP for the vacancy years 2019, 2020 and 2021, held on 25th to 26th June 2022 –
Vigilance clearance (latest) and Confirmation of Vacancy position
Signed ByADG DE
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I am directed to refer to the subject mentioned above and to request the Circle(s) to furnish the latest Vigilance clearance report in respect of all candidates appeared in the above LDCE IP from the Circle, observing the instructions contained in the DoP letter No. SPN-II letter No. X-7/6/2022-SPN-II dated 12.04.2022, with specific recommendations for declaring their results or otherwise with reasons thereof.

2. Circle(s) may also furnish the details where punishment (if any) awarded (criminal or departmental) to any of the candidates appeared in the above LDCE, after the last date of the application, in a separate sheet.

3. Circle(s) is requested to confirm the vacancy position, year wise and category wise, so furnished earlier in respect of the above LDCE IP. In case where there is no change in the earlier reported vacancy(i.e.) position, the same may also be intimated.

4. The above information may be furnished positively by 29.10.2022

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