IPPB Account Closure Procedure


If you have IPPB Account and you want to close it, here below the procedure of IPPB Account Closure | IPPB Account Closure form

For IPPB Account closure, visit nearest post office or IPPB Branch submit Account Closure form as pdf given below. They will registered your request and send to IPPB Office.

Counter Procedure

Counter PA to run Command CSRM and put account closure request and then note down the service request number (SR number) on account closure form.Customer also have to attach cancelled cheque, so that any funds available while closing the account will be the deposited to customer bank account. Send this form to IPPB Branch.

IPPB Account Closure Form


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  1. Krishna says

    Please closed my account please kyunki usse hack kar liya hai mere paise kat rhe hai

    1. Dnyaneshwar Madhav Bambole says

      kindly close my all india post payment bank account permantly.

    2. Aravind says

      How to download this form?

  2. Dnyaneshwar Madhav Bambole says

    Kindly close my all post office bank accounts parmantly then could not open again. Deactived SMS services.

  3. C sivaji says

    My account black my account closed

  4. C sivaji says

    My account closed

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