Guide for Requisition and Procurement in CSI


Guide for Requisition and Procurement in CSI

Units under India Post procures or obtain consumable, non-consumable supplies and services for official usage
and sales through counter. From Directorate to CO/RO/DO/HO purchase are being carried out at almost every
Administrative unit & HOs, hence Procurement module is an important module more specifically for Administrative & Sanctioning units as it encompasses all the activities from beginning from raising requisition (indent) to receive,
account & Supply the goods or services purchased ;ending with depreciation.

Procurement module of CSI comes under Material Management sub domain of SAP – FICO & is integrated with F &
A (Accounts), Asset accounting, Budget & Inventory module. Procurement of Goods like Stamps, Ancillaries &
Ecom products which include sales of commodities involves Sales & Distribution, Portal and PoS Modules apart from above mentioned modules.

Present approach to be followed– Any items for which Inventory need to be maintained and also issuance to
other units, invariably user has to make use of procurement Module which accommodates Requisition,
Goods Receipt, Invoice verification, payment, stock maintenance and transfer to other units.

Any items for which inventory maintenance and also stock transfer is not required, purchase up to
predefined amount may use t-codes F-02/F-04. However manual simple stock maintenance is required
wherever applicable.

Hence, it may be summated as follows –
a) Petty purchase for consumption/office usage & amounting up to Rs.5000, where inventory is not required to
be maintained – F-02 Posting.
b) Purchase above Rs. 5000 up to 15000, F-90 for Asset procurement.[Asset Procurement is being explained
c) Procurement of all other Goods /Services – To be done through Procurement module


Guide for Requisition & Procurement in CSI
Guide for Requisition and Procurement in CSI

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