Fraud in Dhanbad Post office, Amount may cross 10 crores


A case of fraud involving crores of rupees has come to light at the KK Polytechnic Post Office, Govinpur under Dhanbad Division. After this, the senior superintendent  has ordered the transfer of Sub Postmaster Sumit Kumar Saurav and others, and his ID is also disabled. An investigation committee has also been formed.

Fraud in Dhanbad Post office, Amount may cross 10 crores
Fraud in Dhanbad Post office, Amount may cross 10 crores


Giving information about the fraud, SSPOs Shri Uttam Singh said  the role of many more people is under suspicion in this case of the illegal withdrawal of government money of more than 4 crores from the KK polytechnic post office. The fraud has been  exposed in the report of the Director of Accounts Postal (DAP). A departmental inquiry is being started in this matter. Inspector Ranjan and others are included in the inquiry committee. However, after interrogation , the SPM has deposited Rs 20 lakh in government account.

Misappropriation of government money may cross more than 10 crores has come to light. This fraud has been going on since August 2022. Around 49 accounts (post office and bank accounts) in which amounts are deposited and withdrawn illegally have been seized. In this case, the role of 3–4 outsourced also came to light, and their accounts were also seized.

It is said that the SPM used to deposit the amount in his selected accounts and show it in the cheque, so that the amount did not have to be deposited in the Treasury. Also, cash was being converted into cheques. After this, a game of illegal withdrawal was going on by transferring the  said amount from one account to another, and so on.

The whole fraud came to light while checking monthly returns by DAP. We are keeping an eye on this news. Stay updated..


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Source – HindustanZeenews

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