CCS Leave Rules (Updated 2022)


Central Civil Services (CCS) Leave Rules 1972 Updated as on 19 September 2022 by DoPT – Download PDF

Department of Personnel and Training Updated CCS Rules 1972, as on 19 September 2022. You can also download Updated CCS Rules by link Given below.

Download CCS Leave Rules (Updated) – Click Here (PDF)

Leave FAQ

Can CL be taken for 5 days? – Casual Leave is not earned by duty. A staff on CL is not treated as absent from duty. CL cannot be claimed as of right and is subject to a maximum of 8 days in a calendar year.

How many days CCL can be taken? – Child Care Leave or CCL is granted to women employees for a maximum period of two years (730 days) during their entire service for taking care of their minor children (up to eighteen years of age).

How many leaves are allowed in central government? – Currently, a Central Government employee is offered 8 days CL in a calendar year. The number can go up to 20 days for defence personnel, 30 days for Defence Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR) and 10 days for industrial workers. Railways staff are granted CL between 11 to 13 days in a calendar year.

Can EL and CL be combined? – Can be combined with any leave except with CL and also can be prefixed and suffixed with holidays but Intervening holidays will be treated as EL.

Is LTC allowed during CCL? – An employee on CCL may be permitted to leave headquarters with the prior approval of appropriate competent authority, LTC may be availed while an employee is on CCL.

Can CCL be taken for less than 15 days? – It is now proposed to introduce a minimum period of five days of CCL i.e., CCL henceforth may not be granted for less than 5 days

What is the rule for leave without pay? – Leave without pay means to be absent from duty with the Employer’s permission but without pay. Benefits and entitlements will be continued during the term of leave of absence without pay unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement or in the applicable benefit plan.

Can we take CCL in probation period? – As far as the matter of Child Care Leave to probationers is concerned, CCL should not ordinarily be granted during the probation period except in case of certain extreme situations where the leave sanctioning authority is fully satisfied regarding the need of Child Care Leave to the probationer.

Is CCL a right? – In terms of Rule 43-C of CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972, CCL cannot be demanded as a matter of right and under no circumstances can any employee proceed on CCL without prior approval.


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