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Haryana Circle PA SBCO to PA PO Merger Order

Haryana Circle PA SBCO to PA PO Merger Order

Haryana Postal Circle issued switch over order from PA SBCO to PA PO w.e.f. 1st January 2023 – Order Dated 20.02.2023

Letter NumberSTA/477-4/Merger
Letter Dated20.02.2023
Issued byHaryana Postal Circle
SubjectHaryana Circle PA SBCO to PA PO Merger Order
Signed ByADPS-I (Haryana Circle)
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In pursuance of orders contained in D.G. (Posts),New Delhi letter No. Q-25/11/2022-PE-I-DOP dated 16.11.2022 and letter dated 23.12.2022, the competent authority is pleased to accept the request of officials of PA (SBCO) cadre mentioned in the enclosed Annexure-A to switch over to PA (PO) cadre w.e.f. 1.1.2023 and to the strength of the Divisions mentioned against their names.

2. Merger of the existing incumbents of PA (SBCO) cadre officials to PA (PO) cadre on their requests is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in Directorate letter No. Q-25/11/2022-PE-I-DOP dated 16.11.2022 and letter dated 23.12.2022.

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Merger of PA SBCO and PA FPO with PA PO

Merger of PA SBCO and PA FPO with PA PO

Department of Posts decided to merge of PA SBCO and PA FPO with PA PO with effect from 01st January 2023.

Letter NumberQ-25/11/2022-PE-I-DOP
Letter Dated16tn November, 2022
Issued byDepartment of Posts (PE-I Section)
SubjectMerger of PA SBCO and PA FPO with PA PO
Signed ByAsstt. Director General (PE-I)
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As you are aware, the proposal for merger of PA(CO/RO)(SBCO)(FPO) with PA (PO) was under consideration of this Directorate for quite some time.

2. In this regard, it has been decided, with the approval of the Competent Authority, to merge the PA (SBCO) and PA (FPO) with PA (PO) with effect from 01.01.2023. The detailed modalities for merger of PA (SBCO) and PA (FPO) with PA (PO), formulated in consultation with Personnel Division (SPN Branch), are attached as Annexure-A and Annexure-B respectively.

3. However, the PA (CO/RO) shall remain a separate cadre.

4. Further, modalities regarding merger of LSG and HSG posts of SBCO and FPO with Postal Operative Side would be conveyed in due course.

5. If the Circles face any issue related to merger of posts, the matter may be referred to ADG (PE-I), and issues pertaining to merger of personnel, seniority, Rule 38 of Postal Manual Vol. IV and other related issues may be referred to Director/ADG (SPN) directly.

Modalities for merger of PA (SBCO) cadre and PA FPO available in PDF

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Protest by SBCO Union – DOP Warning

The undersigned is directed to inform that the Central Working Committee of AISBCO Union will pursue the following protest schedule in support of their charter of demands (copy enclosed).

No. 08/08/2022-SR
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(SR Section)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110001
Dated: 22/07/2022


All Heads of Postal Circles

Subject: Notice for Protest by AISBCOEU


The undersigned is directed to inform that the Central Working Committee of AISBCO Union will pursue the following protest schedule in support of their charter of demands (copy enclosed).

SI. No. Schedule Protest
102/08/2022Wearing of Black Badges by the SBCO Employees
205/08/2022Post-Card campaign to DG (Posts), with long per demands of SBCO
310/08/2022One Day Strike

2. In this regard, it is to bring to kind notice that the instructions issued by the Department of Personnel & Training prohibit the Government servants from participating in any form of strike including mass casual leave, go slow etc. or any action that abets any form of strike in violation of Rule 7 of the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964. Besides, in accordance with the provision to Rule 17 (1) of the Fundamental Rules, pay and allowances are not admissible to an employee for his/her absence from duty without any authority. The Supreme Court his also agreed in several judgments that going on strike is a grave misconduct under the Conduct Rules and that misconduct by the Government employees is required to be dealt with in accordance with the law. Any employee going on strike in any form would face the consequences which, besides deduction of wages, may also include appropriate disciplinary action. In this connection, attention is also invited to DOP&T’s O.M. No. 3301211(s)/2008-Estt (B) (pt) dated 12th September, 2008.

3. In view of the above, it is requested that aforesaid instructions under Conduct Rules issued by the DOP&T and other regulations upheld by the Hon’ble Supreme Court may, therefore, be suitably informed to the Central- Government employees working in the Circles. Necessary instructions not to sanction Special Casual Leave or other kind of leave to employees if applied for, during the period of the proposed strike/dharna/demonstration and ensure that the willing employees are allowed hindrance – free entry into the office premises may be issued. Necessary steps may also be taken as per the instructions issued under Contingency Plan vide this office letter No. 08-01/2019-SR dated 03.05.2019 for handling the strike/dharna/demonstration situation. The GDS may also invite action in terms of provisions contained in GDS (Service and Conduct), Rules. The staff may also be apprised of the fact that the Department is committed to consider the issues raised by federation within the framework of the existing rules and instructions of the Government of India/Department of Posts.

4. This may please be given wide circulation at all levels. The receipt of this letter may also be acknowledged.

Enclosed: As above.

Yours faithfully,
(Sushil Bhushan)
Director ( SR & Legal)

Copy for necessary action to:

1. AS & FA/ ST. DDG PAF.
2. Director Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal Academy, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad-201 002, (U.P.).
3. CGM BD/ Parcel, PLI Directorate
4. Secretary (PSB)/ All DDGs.
s. All Directors, Postal Training Centers.
6. AII Directors/Dy. Directors of Accounts (Postal).

Copy for information to:
Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts)/DG (Posts)/ PPSs to all Members

Download PDF

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SBCO General Instructions to SPMs – To avoid Objections

SBCO General Instructions To SPMs - To Avoid Objections

SBCO General Instructions To SPMs – While performing voucher checking at SBCO, many irregularities are noticed which leads to raise OMs. Hence to avoid unnecessary increase in number of OMs and also to save time, the below general instructions are requested to be followed by the SPMs positively.



No. SBCO/SB /Dlgs Dated at HPO – the 25/11/2021


Sub : General instructions to SPMs – reg.

The below general instructions may be given to all SPM’s to avoid unnecessary increase in SBCO OMs.

While performing voucher checking at SBCO, many irregularities are noticed which leads to raise OMs. Hence to avoid unnecessary increase in number of OMs and also to save time, the below general instructions are requested to be followed by the SPMs positively.

1. Name stamp not present in the vouchers sent to SBCO. SPMs are requested to instruct your MTS to affix name stamp on the vouchers being kept in the counter for public.

2. No. of vouchers sent may be written in both BO & SO Consolidation before forwarding the same.

3. Original SB-3 card / AOF should be attached with closure vouchers.(SB – 7A) . As per SB order 19/2021 and DO lr. No. dt 26.07.2021, SOs have been instructed not to attach revised AOF. Necessary certificate “Original AOF is not traceable after making all efforts” may be given along with KYC of the depositor with SPM attestation.

4. As per SB order 9/2018 no separate A/c closure form is required to be taken and receipt of the amount should be taken in the claim form itself at the time of payment which will be treated as a/c closure voucher. SB-3 card / AOF should be attached with claim form along with copy of death certificate and KYC of the nominee or legal heir.

5. As per SB order 26/2020 Para 139 sub para(5) Note 7 “No commission will be paid on the investments received through agents where Agent Receipt book number issued to the customer is not noted on the pay-in-slip and copy of the Agent Receipt Book is not presented along with investment for signature and date stamping by the counter PA”. All such investments will be treated as direct investments. Hence SPMs are instructed to guide Counter PA accordingly.

6. Withdrawal allowed in respect of illiterate account, the certificate is to be produced on both side duly attested by witness with complete address, not below the rank of postman.

7. Avoid using white papers for pay–in-slip (SB-103).

8. While doing voucher checking it is seen that BPMs are in the habit of preparing all the deposit vouchers accepted using device which is highly irregular. Pay-in-slips(SB-103) duly prepared and signed by the depositors should be attached with the voucher bundle sent to SBCO.

9. SPMs are instructed to maintain separate register for deleted transaction entries in Finacle and copy of the same may be forwarded along with the vouchers.

10. SPMs are instructed to check unverified transactions on daily basis using HAFI menu before giving EOD to avoid unnecessary increase in OMs.

11. In respect of post offices where GL integration is completed manual postings for Finacle related figures should not be made in SAP. In case of any such manual entry, appropriate sanction/order should be enclosed and forwarded to SBCO along with vouchers.

12. In r/o all closures, Counter PA has to check whether any interest available in sundry a/c before closing the a/c. If any such interest available in Sundry the same may be paid to the depositor.

13. In r/o TD PMC as per SB order 7/2020 completed year TD rate of interest less 2% for completed years and SB interest for completed months should be given. But, in Finacle interest calculated (completed year TD rate of interest less 2%) for completed months also which results in excess payment. Hence, Counter PA should check the correctness of interest before payment in case of TD PMC.

14. As per Gazette Notification 12/2019, Provided that if a five year Time Deposit account is closed after four years from the date of deposit rate admissible for three-year Time Deposit account shall be applicable for calculation of interest. But, in Finacle TD interest calculation for 5 year TD A/Cs closed after completion of 4 years also done as per regular PMC which results in short payment. Hence, Counter PA should check the correctness of interest before payment in case of 5 TD PMC closed after 4 years.

15.While performing SCSS PMC reason code should be correctly chosen before closure. AB2 for > 2 years and BT1 for Between 1 and 2 years. Without selecting this if you proceed for closure it results in excess payment. Finacle will not deduct discount and it will be treated as normal closure. The above step may be followed to avoid excess payment of interest.

16. In r/o RD Category Only for Full maturity of RD the loan a/c should be closed and then RD a/c should be closed. For PMC Loan A/c should not be closed. In case of PMC we are giving only SB interest. Hence, for RD PMC loan a/c should not be closed. Proceed for closure directly finacle will adjust automatically and it will give correct interest for PMC. The above step may be followed to avoid short payment of interest.

Supervisor, SBCO,

Copy to :

The SSPOs, Division for favour of information and necessary action please.

Download PDF

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SB Order 4/2021 : Change of Role of SBCO

SB Order 4/2021 : Change of Role of SBCO – This revised set of roles is applicable only in case of CBS Post Offices where CSI is implemented and GLs are integrated.

SB Order 4 / 2021

F.No. 116-15/2013-SB (Pt-SBCO)
Govt. of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(F.S. Division)

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
Dated: 08.03.2021


All Heads of Circles / Regions

Subject: Change of Roles of SBCO — Reg.


Madam / Sir,

After implementation of CBS in Post Offices in the year 2013, nature of works of SBCO had got changed and thereby roles of SBCO were revised and circulated vide SB Order No. 14/2015 dated 19.10.2015 with Addendum I & II dated 25.05.2016 & 04.08.2016. Thereafter, changes in the operational, accounting and technological procedures viz. Issue of KVP/NSC in the shape of Account, CBS – CSI GL Integration, introduction of Common Long Book etc. have also taken place. Various references are received from some Postal Circles and SBCO Union/Associations for revision in roles of SBCO. Accordingly, it has been decided by Competent Authority to revise the roles of SBCO and a revised set of roles of SBCO superseding the roles prescribed vide SB Order No. 14/2015, is hereby annexed.

2. This revised set of roles is applicable only in case of CBS Post Offices where CSI is implemented and GLs are integrated. In respect of other CBS Post Offices, no change in the roles of SBCO is now proposed.

3. In respect of Non-CBS Post Offices, the SBCO has to perform all the duties viz. Ledger Agreement, Maintenance of Statistical Register, Preparation of Interest Statement, SB-62, SB-62(a), SB-72 etc prescribed in Manual of SBCO Procedure and duties prescribed in different orders issued from time to time.

4. Circles are requested to take necessary action in this regard and this order may be circulated to all the Post Offices.

5. This is issued with the approval of DDG (FS).

Encl: As above

Asst/Director (SB-I)

Source PDF: Click here to view/download

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How to Prepare Live Accounts SBCO with Tool?

sbco live accounts preparation tool

How to Prepare Live Accounts SBCO with Tool?

Procedure :

  1. Download live accounts statement from Filezilla according to circle link.
  2. Download below for tool and install software.
  3. Copy ACTSTMTDB.accdb.
  4. after installation enter CB and office name in settings.
  5. If multiple live accounts schemes or single file you upload and please check before upload in video.

Download LinK:

How to Prepare Live Accounts SBCO with Tool – Video Tutorial

Thanks to
KADAPA(dt),A.P, PIN-516360.
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Appointment of candidates selected for PA SBCO by SSC CHSL

appointment in PA SBCO

Department of Posts

O/o the Postmaster General, Central Region, TN, Tiruchirappalli 620001

Memo No. STA/15-22/2020/TR dated at Tiruchirappalli 620001 the                          29.05.2020

     In accordance with the orders contained in chief Postmaster General, Tamilnadu Circle,Chennai 600002 letter no STA/76-101/2020 dated 21.05.2020,the Competent Authority is pleased to appoint the following candidates selected in the Direct Recruitment for the vacancies of the year 2017-18 on the basis of Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination 2017 conducted by Staff Selection Commission, provisionally as Postal Assistant (SBCO) In the unit mentioned below in the Pay Matrix Level 4 (Pre-revised Pay Band of Rs.5200-20200+Grade Pay Rs.2400/-) plus allowances admissible from time to time. This provisional appointment is subject to satisfactory verification of the prescribed educational qualification, community certificate, Character & Antecedents and other certificates wherever prescribed and the candidate being declared to have satisfactorily completed the prescribed course of training in Postal Training Centre.

Sl. No. CHSL Rank Name and address of the candidate S/Shri/Ms. Com. Selected under HO/Division which appointed
1 1896 Dineash Kumar C,47,Vanigar Street ,Big Kancheepuram,Kanchepuram-631501 OBC OBC Pattukottai HO,Pattukottai  Division
2 2175 Anjali, 1019/25 , Dahiya Colony ,Kakrol Road , Sonepat,Haryana-131001 GEN UR Cuddalore HO,Cuddalore division
3 2280 Vasanthan L P, No. 15 , Forty Five Feet Main road , Vallalar Salai Extn., Opposite to Balaji Nagar ,Saram,Piducherry-605013 OBC UR Mayiladuthural HO,Mayiladuthural division
4 3117 Selvi Mary , No. 9,AP-225,First Floor 9th street ,2nd sector,K.K. Nagar,Chennai-600078 GEN UR Tirukoilur HO,Vriddhachalam division
5 3258 Divyanshu Sankhla, Swamiyon Ki Gali Ghron Ka Chowk, Inside Sojati gate,Jodhpur ,Rajasthan – 342001 OBC UR Karur HO,Karur division
6 3267 Raj Kumar Verma ,village Bijethua ,rajapur Post,Mangarawan Block, Kadipur District,Sulthanpur ,Uttar Pradesh-228161 OBC UR Kumbakonam HO, Kumbakonam division
7 3312 Priyanka,VPO Bhurawas Teh,Salhawas Dist. Jhajjar,Haryana-124146 GEN UR Thanjavur HO, Thanjavur Division
8 3339 Sachin,VPO Girawar Tehsil,Meham,Rohtak,Haryana-124111 GEN UR Melakaveri HO, Kumbakonam division
9 3350 Sukhvir, VPO Nandgaon,Bhiwani,Haryana-127111 OBC UR Mannargudi HO,Thanjvur division
10 3370 More Pranav Prakash, 46/4, Nagotkar Chawal, Sai Nath Chouk, Takiya Ward,Kurla West,Mumbai-400070 SC SC Vriddhachalam HO, Vriddhachalam division
11 3433 Kamal Kishor , Vill- Mancha, Post- kamhariya, Thana – Maudaha ,Hamirpur,Uttarpradesh-210507 OBC UR Tiruvarur HO, nagapattinam division
12 3488 Ravi Kant, S-186E, Shakti Nagar,Faizabad Road, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh – 226016 SC SC Kulithalai HO, Karur division
13 3758 Martin J, 4,Jaganathapuram 5th street, Chetpet , Chennai-600031 OBC OBC Nagapattinam HO , Nagapattinam divison


2.   The appointment is also subject to the following terms and conditions.

(a)   Appointment is purely temporary subject to the provisions of CCS (Temporary Service) Rules 1965 as amended from time to time and will not confer any title for Permanent appointment

(b)  Candidate will be under probation for a period of two years or till successful completion of induction training whichever is later. The clearance of probation period will be reviewed by Departmental Confirmation Committee after two years.

(c)  If the candidate is unable to clear the prescribed Tests in the first attempt during the induction training In Postal Training Centre, he/she will be given two more chances to pass the Tests. These three chances (including the first chance during training) will be held/conducted within the two year mandatory probation period. If the candidate fails, to clear the tests in three,attempts (including the first attempt during training) his/her probation period will be extended by six months, during which time he/she shall have to mandatory pass the prescribed tests and qualifying examination. For such candidates, a qualifying examination has been introduced which will be in addition to the existing tests. If the candidate fails in the tests and/or does not pass the qualifying examination ,his/her services shall be terminated.

(d)  In case the conduct/performance of the candidate is found unsatisfactory during the probation period,irrespective of the fact that he/she has passed the required tests,the probation period will be extended for six months. In case his/her conduct/performance does not improve to a satisfactory level during the extended probation his/her services shall be terminated.

(e)  The conditions of the service will be governed by the relevant rules and orders in force from time to time.

(f)   The appointment may be terminated by a month, notice In writing either by the appointing authority or by any other competent authority. The appointing authority, however, reserves the right of terminating the services of the appointee forthwith or before the expiry of the stipulated period  of notice by making payments to him/her a sum equivalent to the pay and allowances for the period of notice or unexpired period thereof, if any, if the terms and conditions are not fulfilled.

(g)  The appointment carries with it the liabilities to serve in a, part of the Division and in special circumstances, In any part of India. The appointee shall be liable for field service in time of war or national emergencies.

(h)  The appointment Is not covered by the existing system of “defined benefit pension” and he/she will be governed by the New Pension Scheme Introduced as per notification of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs (ECB&PRDn) resolution No. 5/7/2003-EDC & PR dated 10.10.2003 communicated vide No. 4-28/03-Pen dated 17.12.2003 of Ministry of Communications & IT, Department of Posts, India effective from 01.01.2004. In short, he/she is not governed by the existing CCS (Pension) Rules. But, 10% of Pay plus DA paid to him/her or the amount prescribed by the Govt. of India from time to time will be recovered by the drawing officer as monthly contribution for pensionary benefits which will commence from the salary for the month following the month of appointment.

(i)  The appointment Is provisional and subject to satisfactory completion of prescribed courses of training and the certificates being verified through proper channels. If the verification reveals that the claim of the candidate belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Other backward Classes (not bel ong to creamy layer) is false or educational certificates are not genuine or found unfit on police verification, his/her services shall be terminated forthwith without assigning any further reasons and without prejudice to such action as may be taken under the provisions of Indian Penal Code for production of false certificate.

(j)  This appointment is provisional. If any Information or document submitted by the candidate is found to be Incorrect at a later stage, which would have rendered him ineligible for appearing In the Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination 2017,he/she will be terminated from the service.

(k)    If the appointment is under Ex-servicemen quota, fixation of pay is regulated in accordance with the order contained in MOF O.M. No. 8(34)-Estt-/57 dated 25.11.58 and FG (8) E-III/03 dated 11.04.1963 as amended from time to time. The option is to be exercised within three months from the date of appointment.

(I)    The candidates required to undergo one week in house training at the place of posting itself.

(m)  The candidate should report to the division/unit in which appointed immediately and from the date of joining.the candidate will be entitled to regular pay and allowance in the relevant pay matrix.


Necessary charge reports may be sent to all concerned in due course of time.


Assistant Director[Staff],

for the Postmaster General,

Central Region(TN)

Tiruchirappalli 620001

A copy of this memo is issued to:

  1.   The candidates concerned through REGD_AD and Email.
  2.   The Chief Postmaster General, Tamilnadu Circle , Chennai 600002 w.r.t. letter No. STA/76-101/2020 dated 21.05.2020
  3.   The General Manager (Postal Accounts & Finance), Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai 600008.
  4.   The Senior Accounts Officer, O/o the Postmaster General, Central Region, Tiruchirappalli 620001 for information.
  5.   The SSPOs/SPOs, Thanjavur/ Cuddalore/ karur/ Kumbakonam/ Nagapattinam/ Maylladuthurai/ Pattukottai / Vriddhachalam Division for information and necessary action.
  6.   The Sr. Postmaster/ Postmaster, Thanjvur HO/ Pattukottai HO / Cuddalore HO / Mayiladuthurai HO / Tirukoilur HO / Karur HO / Melakaveri HO / Mannrgudi HO / Vriddhachalam HO/ Kulithalai HO / Nagapattinam HO for information .
  7.   STB Section of RO, Tiruchirappalli – Necessary training may be given to the above candidates as when training sessions announced by the PTC.
  8.   ICo-Sb Section , RO for information.
  9.   Spare


Assistant Director[Staff],

for the Postmaster General,

Central Region(TN)

Tiruchirappalli 620001

appointment in PA SBCO

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Update Fin-OM REGISTER software for SBCO

Update Fin-OM REGISTER software for SBCO
New features:
1. Added  report category wise and scheme wise
2. Added will follow register in one tool.
3. Bugs resolved
4. Home page  graphically changed. Etc.
Download software:
Video link:
Suggestions or queries: