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CSC Incentives in DOP (Department of Posts) – Approval

CSC Incentives in DOP (Department of Posts) - Approval

DOP (Department of Posts) approved the following Incentive Structure for CSC operators in Head Post office/Sub Post Office and Branch Office – Order Dated 30th September 2021.

No. 30-01/2020 Planning
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(RB & Planning Division)

Dt: 30th September,2021


All Heads of Circles.

Subject- Payment of incentives to operators of CSC- services

Sir/ Madam,

Competent Authority is pleased to approve the following incentive structure for PO-CSC operators in Head office/Sub Post office/Branch office.

SI No.If the DOP Revenue generated by operator per month in Rs. Operators providing service using their own devicesRateMax Amount Operator providing services using the device supplied by DOP RateMax Amount
1Upto Rs.5000/- 10% 500 5% 250
2 Above Rs.5000 & upto Rs.10000/- 20% 2000 10% 1000
3 Above Rs.10000 & upto Rs.20000/- 30% 6000 15% 3000
4 Above Rs.20000/- 40% 8000 20% 4000

The incentive accrued will be disbursed to the operators directly into their Bank-account/UPl centrally by CSC. CSC will provide an MIS showing the revenue generated by each operator monthly and as per the approved structure their eligible amount of incentive. From the same incentive MIS Sansad Marg H.P.O will generate the total amount of incentive to be disbursed pan India. This amount to be paid will be authorized by Senior Postmaster Sansad Marg H.P.O to CSC for crediting the individual operator’s account monthly from the central wallet. The incentive will apply with retrospective effect from the date of inception of PO-CSC (04.05.20).

A new GL code under HOA 120100800630100 for incentive payments has been approved. The heads of accounts for CSC-DOP revenue are as follows;

Head of Account Description GL code
1201-00-800-63-00-00 Revenue from CSC Services 1800630000
1201-00-800-63-01-00 Deduct-incentive payment to operators 1800630100

This issues with concurrence of IFW communicated vide their Diary Number 98/2021-22/ FA-CS(P) dated 29.09.2021 and approval of Secretary (Posts).


Copy to:

  • 1. CPMG Delhi Circle to kindly instruct Sr. PM accordingly for necessary action.
  • 2. CEO CSC for supplying the data on operators’ incentives due as per the approved chart by 1st of the subsequent month and crediting the incentive to operators directly as per authorization of Sr PM Sansad marg.
  • 3. Director FA for information
  • 4. Director Accounts for information.
  • 5. SR PM Sansad Marg Head Post Office for tallying the data and authorizing the payments to operators directly from CSC end.

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CSC Services from Branch Post Offices – Letter Dated 11.05.2021

In this pilot phase , it is requested to make the BPMs do almost all the available transactions not only restricting them to mobile recharge alone, so that before the all india launch, we can gain enough expertise and sort out all the teething problems.

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(RB & Plg Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110001
Dated 11.05.2021


Subject: CSC services from Branch Post Offices.
Ref : This Office letter of even number dated 04.05.2021

A kind reference is invited to the above , in continuation to this, it is informed that the 230 BPMS selected 10 each from the circles are being imparted training by CSC on 11.05.2021 and 12.05.2021. These BPMs may be onboarded in the CSCs Digital seva Portal through circle admins by 12.05.2021, so that they can start transacting from 13.05.2021

The response received from the BPMs during the training and the feedback received from the some circles are very much encouraging. I would like to share with you once such case where shri Gourav Dharane BPM venikotha BO, Yawatmal Division , Maharashtra Circle has performed 40 csc transaction on first day of working in CSC app , there are many BPMs who were already working as VLE ( villege level entrepreneur) for CSC. Since the same model is being incorporated here, these BPMs can also be used for providing handholding support to the newly onboarded BPMs .

Whatsapp Groups are being created and these 230 BPMs along with Nodal Officers and Circle Admins are added in it to share the issues and best practices for solution and information for others.

In this pilot phase , it is requested to make the BPMs do almost all the available transactions not only restricting them to mobile recharge alone, so that before the all india launch, we can gain enough expertise and sort out all the teething problems.

Rejesh Singh
DDG (DARPAN, Planning & RBD)

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Important Instructions regarding CSC Operations.

  1. Never do “Voucher Posting” / “Utility Upload” in CSI manually
  2. Never reverse any “Document Number” generated for CSC transactions
  3. Make the Wallet Balance as “ZERO” at EOD by Reverting all Money available in wallet.
  4. Never do any transaction in CSC Digital seva portal after Office hours
  5. Never attempt to do any transaction on Sunday/Holidays. Even Wallet transactions also.
  6. Hand over counter cash to Treasurer after tallying the CSC counter collections.
  7. Generate DTR, ZFBL3N on next day morning & check transactions amount of previous date is reflected. If amount in ZFBL3N is less, check with manual register, wallet ledger, refund list and reconcile.
  8. CSC Operator IDs are mapped with CSI Facility IDs of identified Post Offices. Transactions done in CSC operator ID will be reflected in the Accounts of mapped Facility ID/Profit Centre only.
  9. While logging in to CSC Digital Seva Portal, please do not enable “Remember me” check-box option in the login page.
  10. Please do not share CSC ID, Password, Wallet PIN to anybody. Change PW/PIN frequently.
  11. It is mandatory to perform transactions under BBPS for keeping agent Id active on BBPS platform.
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CSC services have been launched at T.Nagar Head Post Office today.

Common Service Center (CSC) services have been launched at T.Nagar Head Post Office and Anna Nagar Sub Post Office under Chennai City Region on pilot basis today. CSC counter at T.Nagar HPO was inaugurated by Tmt. J. Charukesi, Postmaster General, Chennai City Region and the CSC counter at Anna Nagar SO was inaugurated by Thiru. K. Venkatachalam, SSPOs, Chennai City North Division.  Varied citizen centric services, State Government Services, Tour & travel services, FASTag, financial & utility services are offered at Post office counters under this scheme.  India Post

csc service launched at t nagar ho

csc service launched at t nagar ho

csc service launched at t nagar ho

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CSCs Services launches in Post Offices in Haryana.

csc services in haryana
डाक विभाग ने कॉमन सर्विस सेंटर की सेवा हरियाणा सर्किल में शुरू कर दी है। ऊपर दिए गए चित्रों में आप देख सकते हो। अब  डाकघर में वोटर कार्ड , राशन कार्ड इत्यादि सेवाओं का लाभ ले सकेंगे। 
Aslo see: 

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UIDAI allows Aadhaar updation facility through CSCs – Update

In a major relief to those living in rural areas, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has allowed the Common Service Centre, an SPV under the Ministry of IT and Electronics, to begin the Aadhaar updation facility at their 20,000 CSCs which operate as Banking Correspondents (BCs), said Union Minister for Communications, MEITY and Law and Justice Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad in a tweet.
Union Minister tweeted that around 20,000 CSCs will now be able to offer this service to citizens. He urged the CSC VLEs to start the Aadhaar work with responsibility and as per instructions issued by UIDAI in this regard. He further said that this facility will help a large no of rural citizens to get Aadhar services closer to their place of residence.
UIDAI has set June deadline for the commencement of the work after CSCs with banking facilities upgrade their required infrastructure and get other necessary approvals. However, CSC CEO Dr Dinesh Tyagi said he has asked all BCs to immediately finish technical and other upgradation which the UIDAI has asked for so that Aadhaar updation work can be started soon.
Thanking the Union Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad for getting Aadhaar updation work restarted through CSC, Dr Tyagi said it would further strengthen the efforts of achieving the goals of “Digital India” as envisaged by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.
Commencement of Aadhaar update services through CSC also comes across as a big relief during the lockdown restrictions imposed to prevent spread of COVID19. With these 20,000 additional centers available to update Aadhaar, the users particularly in rural areas need not visit Aadhaar centres in bank branches or Post Offices for this work.
Source : – Gconnect