Facilities for ASP IP PA SA MTS Postman in Army Postal Service (Updated)



Equivalent Rank Structure in Army Postal Service Corps at the time of induction

Designation in DOPDesignation in APS
Multi Tasking Staff Sepoy
Postman / Mail Guard Naik
PA/SAWarrant Officer
LSG/HSGNaib Subedar / Subedar
Inspector, PostsNaib Subedar
Asst Supdt, PostsSubedar

Age limit and medical category

The officials below 40 years of age and in the medical category of SHAPE-1 are eligible to join APS

Special status of Warrant Officers in APS

(a) Warrant Officers are treated at par with JCOs for accommodation,messing and travel entitlements through specific Government orders.
(b) Parchment Warrant is being issued by the President of India.

Pay and Allowances

(a) Option to draw Army Rate of Pay with Grade Pay of Rs 2800/- for PAs/SAs and Military Service Pay (MSP) of Rs 2000/- as per 6th CPC.


Civil rate of pay plus 15% Field Allowance on Basic Pay plus Grade Pay as per 6th CPC

(b) Special Compensatory Allowances while serving in Field/Modified Field and Concessional Areas as admissible to Regular Army personnel are as under :-

AllowancesJCOs/WOs (Rs)Naiks/Sepoys (Rs)
Highly Active Field Area Allowance87304860
Field Area Allowance54003000
Modified Field Area Allowance18001200
Counter Insurgency (Ops)
Field Area
Counter Insurgency (Ops)
Modified Field Area
Counter Insurgency (Ops)
High Altitude Allowance
(9000-15000 ft)
High Altitude Allowance
(15000 ft & above)
High Altitude Allowance
(Uncongenial Climate Area)
Siachin Allowance1400114001
Special Compensatory
(Remote Locality )Allowance
(Part A)
Special Compensatory (Hill Area) Allowance720720
Island Allowance
(More difficult area)
do- (Difficult Area)
Basic Pay plus Grade Pay

*Basic Pay plus Grade Pay

(c) Composite Personal Maintenance Allowance. Present rate is Rs 225/- per month (pm)

(d) Acting Allowance to JCOs who are employed in place of Officers against clear vacancy. Present rate is Rs 1200/- pm

(e) Ration Allowance when living with family. Present rate is Rs 95.52 per day .

(f) Free boarding and lodging for those officials who are living single.

(g) WOs will get one time Outfit Allowance of Rs 1500/- on promotion to JCOs.

(h) Free Uniform (all types) is provided while serving in APS for all officials.

(j) One time Mufti Clothing Allowance of Rs 600/- while undergoing training at APS Centre.

(k) Accommodation Allowance (CILQ) (A1 City) for married personnel who have not been provided with Govt married accommodation. Present rate is Rs 8100/-pm for JCOs/WOs & Rs 6300/-pm for Naik / Sepoy.

(l) Accommodation Allowance (CILQ) for married personnel who are staying single at the duty station and their family staying in other towns. Present rate is Rs 3600/-pm for JCOs/WOs and Rs 2400/-pm for Naik/Sepoy.

(m) Family Accommodation Allowance (FAA) @ 10% of Basic Pay Plus Grade Pay plus Military Service Pay for unmarried personnel


(a) 56 days Annual Leave at home plus journey period subject to minimum of 60 days Annual Leave per year.

(b) 30 days Casual Leave per year

(c) Unlimited Sick Leave on recommendation of medical authorities over and above the Leave mentioned above.

(d) Civil Leave account will be frozen during the period of deputation in APS. However, Leave accumulated at APS plus balance Civil EL will be encashed subject to maximum of 300 days at the time of retirement.

(e) 10 days Leave encashment along with LTC per year is also available in APS over and above 300 days Leave accumulation. Maximum Leave encashment is 60 days.

Travel Concessions

(a) Free conveyance (LTC) every year for self & dependent family members to visit home town from duty station in the following entitled class:-

(i) Sepoy/Naik – AC-III-Tier
(ii) JCOs/WOs – AC-II-Tier

(b) One additional free conveyance(LTC) in a year for self to visit hometown/ Selected Place of Residence (SPR) from field duty station if not stayed with family.

(c) Unlimited 50% concession voucher to visit anywhere in India from either duty station or home town for self and family members in entitled class.

(d) Free conveyance to the dependent family members to join head of family (self) at duty station first time & also on subsequent postings.


(a) Free single accommodation for individuals at duty station.

(b) Free furnished accommodation with free conservancy and water & electricity (100 units) at family stations for married personnel who are staying at Government married accommodation.

(c) P&T accommodation can be retained / allotted while on deputation to APS.

(d) When no married accommodation is available, the individuals can keep their family at Selected Place of Residence (SPR)/home town and claim CILQ as applicable. Families can be shifted to separated family accommodation (SF Accn) which are available in peace stations.

(e) Free conveyance of personal effects while on postings with maximum limit is as under :-
(i) JCOs/WOs – 6000 Kgs
(ii) Sepoys/Naiks – 1500 Kgs

Insurance Cover (In addition to CGEGIS)

(a) Rs 37.50 lakhs insurance coverage for JCOs/WOs/NKs/Sepoys from Army Group Insurance (AGI) on payment of monthly premium of Rs 2525/-

(b) Advances for purchase of House, Computer and Two/Four wheeler from AGI Fund.

(c) 50% balance at credit can be drawn from AGI Fund for higher education/ marriage of children.

(d) Amount accumulated in AGI Savings Fund will be refunded to the Officials on their repatriation to Dept of Posts.

Canteen Facilities

(a) All types of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) on concessional rates

(b) Two/Four wheelers on concessional rates

(c) Electronic items on concessional rates

(d) Liquor on concessional rates as per entitlement

(e) After repatriation, Canteen facility with liquor is available if the official served in APS for 5 years and more.

Medical facilities

Free medical treatment for self & dependent family members in renowned Army / Air Force / Navy Hospitals available throughout India.

Other facilities / concessions

(a) Scholarships are available for children of personnel from APS Corps Regimental Fund and from Army (ESSA).

(b) Grant to wives for enhancement of their academic qualification.

(c) Grant to personnel for enhancement of their academic qualification while serving in APS.

(d) Talented sports personnel can participate in Army teams at various levels.

(e) Eligible for applying to dwelling units from Army Housing Welfare Organisation (AWHO) after completing 10 years & more service in APS

(f) Admission of children in Military / Sainik / Rashtriya schools and the following Professional Colleges :-

Army Institute of Technology, PuneArmy College of Medical Science, Delhi Cantt
Armed Forces Medical College, PuneArmy College of Dental Science, Secunderabad
Army Institute of Management, KolkataArmy Institute of Management & Technology, Greater Noida
Army Institute of Fashion Design, BangloreArmy College of Nursing, Jalandhar
Army Institute of Nursing, GuwahatiArmy Institute of Higher Education, Pathankot
Army Institute of Hotel Management
and Catering Technology, Bangalore
Army Institute of Law, Mohali,
and Catering Technology, Bangalore Chandigarh
Army Centre of Education, PachmarhiArmy Institute of Education, Greater

(g) PAs/SAs who have obtained qualifying marks in IP exam while serving in APS can get Officiating Certificate in IP Cadre after serving 3 years as JCOs in APS

(h) Two additional chances to appear in IP exam while serving in APS

(j) JCOs can be promoted to Officer Cadre on recommendation of SSB (Services Selection Board) within 45 years of age and within 3 SSB chances while serving in APS.

(k) Children / dependent brothers are eligible for enrollment in Army through Unit Headquarters (UHQ) quota.

(l) Children will get reservation for getting admission in professional colleges under State Govt.

(m) Officials will get choice posting in Dept of Posts on repatriation.

Source : R Subramani, Lt Col, Offg DAPS, For ADG APS, Addl Dte Gen APS, PIN-908700, C/O 56 APO
Validity : Until further orders

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  1. Debanjan Basak says

    Sir, I have completed 9 years of service in PA cadre in civil post, now if I want to join APS, will my increments be added there or it will start afresh from starting pay of 29200/-
    Kindly reply

  2. Mayuri Yadav says

    Can female candidates apply?

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