Proper Posting of RD Schedules in Fincale


Proper posting of RD schedules of MPKBY agents in DOP Finacle | HAGTXP menu for the posting of partially posted RD schedule

F. No. CB-25/45/2020-FS
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Financial Services Division)

Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi-110001
Dated: – 13/07/2022

Subject: – Instructions/Guidelines Regarding proper posting of RD schedules of MPKBY agents in Finacle.

This office is receiving various representation/complaints from the MPKBY agents regarding partial posting of RD schedules of MPKBY agents and non-credit of applicable agent commission in linked PO Savings Accounts in such cases.

2. Procedure as described below are to be followed by the CBS post offices in Finacle to overcome difficulties being faced by the MPKBY agents and ensure smooth POSB operations at counters in post offices: –

(A) Procedure to be followed for posting of RD Schedule:

(i) While verifying RD Schedule through HAGTXP menu, Supervisor shall ensure to check that all entries/amount of RD Schedule concerned are available for verification. If amount of RD schedule and posted amount are tallied, Supervisor shall verify that RD Schedule.

(ii) In case the Amount/Accounts of that RD schedule is not tallied and partial accounts are reflected in HAGTXP menu during verification, Supervisor shall not verify that RD schedule.

In such a case, Supervisor shall instruct counter PA to initiate the HAGTXP menu again for that schedule.

(iii) Counter PA will again initiate HAGTXP menu for the posting of partially posted RD schedule and remaining accounts will get posted.

(iv) Thereafter, Supervisor shall initiate the HAGTXP menu and check the amount/accounts of RD schedule with the Finacle data and if tallied proceed for verification.

All CBS Post Offices shall ensure that no partially posted RD Schedule is verified in Finacle to avoid any inconvenience to the MPKBY agents.

(B) Procedure to be followed for credit of commission of RD schedules partially posted earlier:

(i) Once it is established that MPKBY agent commission is credited partially, concerned post office shall send e-mail through their CPC (SB) to EOD CEPT Team at in the following proforma:

Details of partially posted RD Schedule

(ii). EOD team of CEPT, Chennai will generate an agent commission report for that particular day for checking commission credit into PO Savings Account.

(iii). EOD Team will make necessary changes for the given users for debiting office

(iv) account and crediting SB account and intimate to CPC and Post Office concerned through email.

Once email from CEPT is received, counter PA shall credit pending commission amount after deducting TDS amount into PO Savings Account of the concerned agent and TDS amount to SOL ID + 0321-— (TDS COLLECTED — AGENT) office account by debiting office account SOL ID + 0254 -(PAYMENT OF COMMISSION TO MPKBY AGENTS) through CXFER menu.

(v) After completion of above process, post office concerned shall send confirmatory e-mail to EOD team through their CPC. On receipt of confirmation from the Post Office, CEPT EOD team will reverse the relaxations made in the agent office account and user ids.

3. It is requested to circulate and instruct all CBS post offices to follow above instructions without fail to avoid operational difficulties and inconvenience to MPKBY agents.

This is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Download RD Schedules of MPKBY Agents in Finacle in PDF

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