Post Attached Quarters for Postmasters – DOP Orders


Great relief to All SPMs who were not using the Attached Quarters and HRA was deducted from their Salary – Orders dated 18th July 2022

No. BDG-20/8/2021-Building-DOP
Government of India
Department of Posts
Estates Division

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110001
Dated 18.07.2022


All Chief Postmasters General

Subject: Post attached quarter of Postmasters – reg.


Post attached quarters of Postmasters are allotted to the Postmaster concerned on rent free basis. A number of representations from time to time are received in Directorate with a request to de link the post attached quarter of Postmasters from the Postmaster concerned.

2. The matter has since been reviewed and the competent authority has now decided that post attached quarters of Postmasters shall be delinked from the Postmaster concerned. These post attached quarters of Postmasters shall be now at par with other staff quarters available in a Division/Unit and will be treated as such for allotment to eligible employee on payment of applicable licence fee.

3. These quarters shall be allotted in the same manner as other staff quarters are allotted by the Divisional Head/ Competent Authority to any employee entitled for this quarter as per the availability. The allotment of this quarter shall be regulated as per the instructions on the subject of allotment of staff quarters issued from time to time subject to the following:-

(a) The delinked post attached quarter of Postmaster shall be first offered to the Postmaster concerned, if vacant, on the payment of licence fee basis. In the event of the refusal of the Postmaster concerned to accept this quarter, the same shall then be allotted to any other eligible official of the Division/unit by the competent authority as per the prescribed procedure. ln case eligible officials have not applied for the said quarter, the same may be allotted to other employees as it is being done in case of other quarters.

(b) If the Postmaster concerned fails to submit his/her response on the offer of the post alloted quarter of postmaster within 15 days of receipt of such an offer, the Postmaster concerned Shall be deemed to have refused the offer of this quarter.

(c) Postmasters who are currently in occupation of post attached quarter without payment of licence fee, they are allowed to continue to occupy the same quarter without payment of licence fee till his/her posting as Postmaster in that post office.

4. These orders will come into force from 01.08.2022.

5. In all cases where currently Postmaster concerned is not physically occupying post attached quarter of the Postmaster and is neither paying rent for the same nor he/she is being paid House Rent Allowance (HRA) and if he/she desires to vacate such a quarter, he/she shall submit an application to the Divisional Head / Competent Authority for vacation of such a quarter. The Postmaster concerned shall be paid HRA from the date of acceptance of his/her application by the Divisional Head / competent Authority or from August 1,2022, which ever is the later.

6. These instructions be circulated to all concerned for information, guidance and implementation.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

Yours Sincerely,

(Manoranjan Samal)
Assistant Director General (Bldg.)

Copy to:
1. PSO to Secretary Posts
2. All members ol Postal Service Board
3. CGM (Parcel & BD) /CGM (PLl)/ Director, RAKNPA, Ghaziabad
4. Director, PTCs
5. All Recognized Service Unions/ Federations
6. GM, CEPT, Bangalore – for placing this order on lndia Post website

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