PS Group B Promotion and Postings Order Dated 02.06.2022


Director General Postal Services has approved the promotion of the following Inspector Posts line and General line officials to Postal Service Group ‘B’ cadre on regular basis in Level-9 of Pay Matrix

No. 9-27/2019, SPG-III dated 02.06.2022

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Staff Branch)

Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110 001.
Dated: 02.06.2022


Subject: Promotion & postings in Postal Service Group ‘B’ cadre – regarding.

No.9-27/2019-SPG-II On the basis of result of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination held on 29th November, 2020 for the vacancy years 2017- 18 (NlL Vacancy ), 2018, 2019 and 2020 declared by DE Branch of the Postal Directorate vide letter No. A-34012/02/2020DE dated 01.06.2022 the Director General Postal Services has approved the promotion of the following Inspector Posts line and General line officials to Postal Service Group ‘B’ cadre on regular basis in Level-9 of Pay Matrix (7th CPC) (Rs.53,100/-1,67,800/ ) with effect from the date of assumption of charge of the post and until further orders:

Vacancy Year 2018 :- IP Line

SI. No.Name of the Officer (Ms. / Smt. / Shri)Present CircleDate of BirthCircle/Unit allotted on Promotion
1.M GANESHTamil Nadu15-04-1984Tamil Nadu
2.J PRATHEEP KUMARTamil nadu11-01-1985Tamil Nadu
3.KALISH CHAUDHARYRajasthan24-11-1982Rajasthan
4.P M S SURYANARAYANATelangana17-03-1977Karnataka
5.BHARAT APPA PAGARMaharashtra01-06-1986Maharashtra
6.NITIN SHARMADelhi08-10-1980Postal Directorate
7.KRISHAN RANAHaryana30-04-1982Punjab
8.SANTOSH V SKerala10-09-1978Kerala
9.M SATISH KUMARAndhra Pradesh 01-02-1987Karnataka
10.KAMLESH PRAJAPATRajasthan02-01-1985Rajasthan
11.SHIVANI KATOCHDelhi05-12-1974Uttar Pradesh
12.ASHUTOSH ADITYABihar24-10-1983Bihar
13.SHUVENDU PRASAD TRIPATHIOdisha05-12-1974West Bengal
14.RAJENDER SINGH BHATIRajasthan24-10-1983Rajasthan
15.GIRDHARBHAI MAKWANAGujarat30-10-1987Gujarat
16.SHAILENDRA KUMAR Rajasthan01-07-1982Rajasthan
17.MANISH KUMAR VERMARajasthan05-07-1983Rajasthan
18.ALOK KUMARPunjab21-01-1983Punjab
19.RAMESH KUMARUttar Pradesh14-08-1972Uttar Pradesh

Vacancy Year 2018 :- Genera Line

SI. No.Name of the Officer (Ms. / Smt. / Shri)Present CircleDate of Birth Circle/Unit allotted on Promotion
1.SURJEET SARKARChhattisgarh12-10-1971Chhattisgarh
2.GUDIME KIRANAndhra Pradesh05-08-1982Maharashtra
3.ROSHAN HEMBROMWest Bengal17-12-1973West Bengal
4.MOHA LAL MEENARajasthan18-11-1981Rajasthan

Vacancy Year 2019 :- IP Line

SI. No.Name of the Officer (Ms. / Smt. / Shri)Present CircleDate of BirthCircle/Unit allotted on Promotion
1.KUMUD KANT AWASTHIUttar Pradesh21-03-1981Uttar Pradesh
2.RAKESH YELLAMELLUAndhra Pradesh10-06-1982Maharashtra
3.ANAND SINGHDelhi08-03-1975Uttar Pradesh
4.K SRINIV ASUAndhra Pradesh17-11-1978Maharashtra
5.YOGESH RAMBHAU WALUNJKARMaharashtra01-01-1984Maharashtra
6.HONEY GANJIAndhra Pradesh11-08-1976Maharashtra
7.BHOLA KUMAR SINGHJharkhand06-07-1986Postal Directorate
8.MEHUL NARENDRABHAI PANDEYGujarat21-06-1988Gujarat
9.NIRANJAN KUMARKerala01-01-1982Kerala
10.ADESH KUMAR KAUSHIKUttar Pradesh01-05-1973Uttar Pradesh
11.PRABHAT GOYALHaryana22-03-1983Punjab
12.SUMITRA GOSWAMIAssam06-10-1975Assam
13.SPURABH KUMAR ASATIChhattisgarh17-12-1982Madhya Pradesh
14.SINKU RAWATUttar Pradesh29-07-1984Uttar Pradesh
15.RAKESH KUMAR DHANDHELRajasthan 01-05-1984Gujarat
16.DEVINDER SINGHHaryana26-06-1973Uttar Pradesh
17.KUMAR RANJAN ROYAssam01-01-1972Assam

Vacancy Year 2019 :- General Line

SI. No.Name of the Officer (Ms. / Smt. / Shri)Present CircleDate of BirthCircle/Unit allotted on Promotion
1.ALLU SURESH. KUMARAndhra Pradesh25-06-1986Maharashtra
2.SUSHANTA KUMAR PANIGARHIOdisha05-07-1971West Bengal
3.G DHANALAKSHMITamil Nadu25-08-1975Tamil Nadu
4.RANGANATH S MKarnataka16-08-1979Karnataka
5.VINAY KUMAR VARSHNEYUttar Pradesh05-01-1969Uttar Pradesh
6.BUNGA AMBEDKAR RAJUAndhra Pradesh15-05-1974Maharashtra
7.TARIN KUMAR AMAR SINGH PARGIGujarat28-09-1984Gujarat
8.B LAKSHMANNAAndhra Pradesh05-09-1976Maharashtra

Vacancy Year 2020 :- IP Line

SI. No.Name of the Officer (Ms. / Smt. / Shri)Present CircleDate of BirthCircle/Unit allotted on Promotion
1.DINESH CHANDER PANDEYDelhi30-09-1985Uttar Pradesh
2.G JANARDANA REDDYAndhra Pradesh05-06-1982Maharashtra
3.SUSHIL KUMAR PRASADDelhi 05-01-1976Uttar Pradesh
4.VEERANARAYANA SEERAMAndhra Pradesh02-03-1983Maharashtra
5.MAHESH HAMIRBHAI HARANGujarat01-06-1985Gujarat
6.DEEPA RKerala04-02-1982Kerala
7.HARI BABU VANDANAAndhra Pradesh05-06-1984Maharashtra
8.H ASEEF IQBALTamil Nadu25-06-1983Tamil Nadu
9.K PRABUSANKERTamil Nadu20-05-1975Tamil Nadu
10.MANOJ KUMAR RAIBihar03-11-1983West Bengal
11.AMIT KUMAR JHAKarnataka01-03-1982Karnataka
12.MRINAL KANTI BHANDARIAssam07-04-1983Assam
13.SUVEER SINGH SIKARWARMadhya Pradesh01-03-1982Madhya Pradesh
14.REKHA VAISHNAVERajasthan07-04-1983Gujarat
15.DEBASIS SAHANIOdisha12-05-1977West Bengal
16.HARASH SHARMARajasthan10-09-1986Gujarat
17.TAMILINI A RTamil Nadu31-07-1977Tamil Nadu
18.CHALLA APPARAOAndhra Pradesh20-03-1980Maharashtra
19.DERPJYOTI GANGULYAssam07-07-1986Assam
20.RAJU MUKHERJEEAssam02-04-1977Assam
21.BALBIR CHANDHimachal Pradesh03-02-1982Himachal Pradesh
22.GAJANAN BABASAHEB DESAIMaharashtra28-03-1985Maharashtra
23.SESHARAO KOTAAndhra Pradesh01-07-1972Maharashtra
24.PALANI SAMYA.ATamil Nadu15-01-1977Tamil Nadu
25.GANGA SINGH RANAUttarakhand02-03-1971Uttarakhand

Vacancy Year 2020 :- General Line

SI. No.Name of the Officer (Ms. / Smt. / Shri)Present CircleDate of BirthCircle/Unit allotted on Promotion
1.HOOVAPPA GKarnataka28-06-1985Karnataka
2.YUVRAJ SINGHUttar Pradesh15-05-1987Uttar Pradesh
3.SREERAJ SKerala01-03-1984Kerala
4.R ANIL KUMARAndhra Pradesh26-08-1977Maharashtra
5.RAJALAKSHMI RKerala19-11-1984Kerala
6.JAVED KHANOdisha24-10-1984West Bengal
7.U VIJAYA KUMARAndhra Pradesh02-06-1987Maharashtra
8.VIJAY VADONIKarnataka13-07-1984Karnataka
9.RAJKUMAR BTamil Nadi05-07-1976Tamil Nadi

2. The above allotment has been approved by the Competent Authority based on recommendations of the “Transfer and Placement Committee” as constituted vide Postal Directorate letter no. 4-09/2011-SPC (pt.) dated 30.03.2015 and transfer/posting instructions/guidelines as contained in Directorate letter No. 9-23/2014-SPG dated 25.02.2020 .

3. lnter-se seniority of the selected officers will be fixed by Personnel Division in due course.

4. The above promotion is subject to final outcome of court cases i.e., OA No. 387/2018 in CAT, Ernakulum Bench, OA No. 1157/2020 in CAT, Kolkata Bcnch, OA No. 1675/2020 in Principal Bench, New Delhi. OA No. 1182/2021 (tagged with OA No. 1675/2020), OA No. 483/2021 at CAT. Bengaluru Bench and other related court cases on the subject matter, if any, Circles will ensure to lnclude this fact in respective promotion -cum-posting orders of the Circles .

5. In accordance with DoP&T OM No.36012/16/2019-Estt. (Res.) dated 12.04.2022 on the subject ‘Reservation in promotions’ since the Jarnail Singh batch of cases is pending in the Supreme Court of India, the above promotion shall be subject to further orders shall may be passed by the Supreme Court in the said batch of cases. Circles will ensure to include this fact in respective promotion -cum-posting orders of the Circles .


(i) Re-allotment requests, if any, shall not be entrained before completion of tenure as envisaged in this Directorate letter No. 9-23/2014-SPG dated 25.02.2020.

(ii) It is the officer’s responsibility to send a copy of the charge report through Head of Circle/ Director, PTC concerned on assumption of charge on the promoted post to Assistant Dirctor (SPG-ll)- Postal Directorate, Delhi-1110001 for information.

(iii) Officers will be relieved within 15 days from the date of issue of this order. In case, posting order from the allotted Circles is not received, the relieving Circle shall relieve the promoted officer and ask the officer to report to the allotted Circle Headquarters. Officers allotted to Postal Directorate will report to the Personnel Division of Postal Directorate, Dak Bhawan. New Delhi – 110001.

(iv) In case of officer (s). who is not willing to accept his/her promotion, his,her declination letter in writing duly forwarded by the Circle Office should reach this Directorate within 30 days of issue of this order. Non-assumption of charge after 30 days, without any valid reason, will attract appropriate action against the officer viz. deemed declination of promotion.


(a) lf there is any vigilance/disciplinary case referred to in O. M. No.22011/2/86- Estt. (A) dated 12.01.88 issued by DOP&T circulated vide this office memo No. 25-19/88-SPG dated 04.05.88 (subsequently) revised vide DOP&T memo No. 22022/4/91-Estt. (A) dated 14.09.92 circulated vide this office Memo no. 25-19/88-SPG dated 13.10.92 is pending against the officials , the official should not be relieved for posting without obtaining specific orders from this office. The promotion of the official should not be withheld on the mere ground that disciplinary action is contemplated, except the circumstances when the officer is under suspension or a charge sheet has been issued to the official or prosecution for a criminal charge is pending against the official. The official against whom any punishment is current except ensure and recovery of money, they should not be promoted before expiry of currency of punishment. An intimation report in this report may be submitted immediately to the Postal Directorate.

(b) The instructions issued by Personnel Div (SPN-III) section vide this letter No. SPN X-7/6/2022-SPN-II dated 12.04.2022 will be ensured by the circles.


The officials who have been promoted to the Postal Service Group ‘B’ will be on probation for two years and then their suitability to hold this post will be adjudged on completion of two years of probation. If any official proceeds on leave for a period exceeding 30 days during this period, the probation period will be extended depending upon the period of leave.


The official will be directly promoted to Postal Service Group ‘B’ cadre without any Training for the present. However, they will have to undergo the prescribed training as and when notified by Director. Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, National Postal Academy, Ghaziabad.


The officers wishing to give option for choosing date for fixation of pay under FR-22[1](a)(1) should do so within one month from the date of assumption of charge on promotion.

11. Hindi version will follow.

(Vinayak Mishra)
Assistant Director General (SPG).


The Manager,
Govt. of India Press,
Minto Road. New Delhi – 110064

Copy to:

1. Sr. PPS to Secretary (P)
2. Sr. PPS/PPS to Director General Postal Services
3. PPS/PS to all Members Postal Services Board/Additional DG (Co-ordination)
4. AS & FA./ Sr. DDG (vig.)/CGM (PLI)/CGM (Parcel)
5. All Chief Postmaster General
6. Director, RAKPNA Ghaziabad
7. Addilional DG. APS. New Delhi
8. Secretary PSB/ DDG (P)/AIl DDsG/All GMs of Postal Directorate/Parcel
Directorate /PLI Directorate
9. GM, CEPT, Mysore with a request to upload the order on the India Post Website.
10. Concrened Directors of Acconts (Postal)
11. The officers concerned through their CPMSG.
12. Deputy, Director (OL) with request to provide Hindi translation of this Order.
13. CS to Member (P)/IP (SPG-I)
14. ADG (Admn.)/ ADG (Gen., Admin) Section Officer (C&A/PB)/Section Officer (PE-I/Pe-II) / Section Officer (GA) / Section Officer (Vigilance)Parliament Section, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi
15. SO’s Guard File

(Vinayak Mishra)
Assistant Director General (SPG)

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