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Post Office Identity Card – Issuance Procedure

Post Office Identity Card - Issuance Procedure

Here below the Complete procedure about issuance of Post Office Identity Card, Submission of application form etc – Download Official Order

No. 36-14/2008-BD&MD
Department of Posts
Business Development & Marketing Directorate
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110 116

Dated 20th July, 2011

Office Memorandum

Issues of Post Office Identity Cards with value additions

Department of Posts is issuing Post Office Identity Cards as per clause 63 of PO Guide Part I. Now it is decided to issue the card with value additions.

2. The details of value additions are given below:

a. In plastic card format

b. With sufficient information about the card holder viz. photograph of the holder, address particulars, Mobile number, Date of birth, Blood group and Signature

c. The cost of application for this card is Rs. 20. Processing fee of Rs. 250 is to be collected from the applicant

d. Detailed Operating & Accounting procedure is enclosed, Details of service and features are mentioned in SOP

3. The authorized card maker will be finalized and approved by the following all the formalities. Specifications and quality of the card to.

4. The Circles will give adequate publicity for this product.

5. This issues with the concurrence of JS & FA vide diary no. 66/FA/2011-CS dated 18.07.2011 approval of Secretary (Posts).

Encls: As above

(C. Karuppasamy)
Assistant Director (BD)

Copy to:

1. All HOCs
3.Director, PSCI Ghaziabad
4. JS&FA/GM (F)
5. All DDGs/Direcrors/Officers
6. All PTCs
7. PS to Secretary (P)
8. PS to All Members


1. Introduction

1.1 Department of Posts has been issuing ‘Post Office Identity Cards, ( PO ID card) as pet clause 63 of PO Guide part-I which is given below:

1.1.1 It is being issued for the benefit of tourists, traveling representatives of terms and other members of the public who experience difficulty in establishing their identity in connection with postar transactions, e.g. receipt of registered and insured articles and payment of money orders in the post town through which they pass. These cards are obtainable at head post office by literate persons whose identity is well established an the locality in which they reside or who can be vouched for by substantially permanent residents known to the postmaster.

1.1.2 The card will contain a full description of its holder, his signature and photograph and will be current for a period of three years from the date of issue. After expiry of the period of validity of the card, afresh card will have to be applied for. The photograph to be affixed to the identity card will have to be supplied by the applicant.

1.2 Now, it has been decided to issue ‘Post Office Identity Card’ with value additions as a “Retail Product” of India post on the same lines with following specifications:

– Card Type: Ultra silk finish card (metal plastic)
– Dimension: 85 mm /54 mm

2. Submission of Application forms

2 .1. The Application form, as given at Annexure – I, will be submitted at the Head Post Office in duplicate. At the time of submission, the fee for issue of ‘Post Office Identity Card @ Rs. 250/- will be collected through MPCM and receipt will be issued. The amount so collected will be credited under RETAIL POST.

2.2. The application forms may be downloaded by the Website or will be provided by the Post Office @ 20 per application which will be credited Under Retail Post.

3. Processing of the application

3.1 After the Application is received at Head Post Office, the particulars of application will be entered in the Post Office Identity Card Register, as per Annexure-II.

3.2 The Postmaster will verify the details of the particulars given in the Application through Postman or other officials. If the Postmaster is satisfied about the verification, he shall recommend the issue of PO ID Card

3.3 The applications received and recommended for issuing Po ID card will be assigned with the SERIAL NUMBER (at HO). The abbreviation of HO (three letters) will be placed followed by five digit Number assigned chronologically and Year of Issue The abbreviation for HO will be decided and issued by the Head of circle concerned. For example, the number of PO lD card issued at Indraprastha HO will be IPR-00001-10.

3.4 Postmaster of the HO will send the Application to the authorized Card maker by Registered Post for preparation of the PO ID card with a copy of communication to the SSPOs / SPOs.

4. Issue of the PO ID card

4.1 The card maker will send the cards directly to the HOs concerned with complete details except signature of the issuing authority. On receipt of card, the Postmaster will enter particulars of all cards in the Register and will keep them securely. Issuing authority as decided by the CPMG for each HO / GPO will sign the card with non-removable ink. The card will be delivered through Registered Post to the applicant. Card particulars and dispatch details with be entered in the Register maintained for this purpose as per format given in Annexure II.

4.2 The undelivered cards will be kept securely by the Postmaster.

4.3 A report will be sent to the Divisional office and Regional office by each HO by 5th of the succeeding month as per Annexure – III.

4.4 A consolidated bill for all cards prepared during a month will be furnished by the authorized card supplier to the Regional office during the first fortnight of the succeeding month. The bill is to be checked with reference to the report received from the HOs and the sanction for payment will be issued by the Regional Office.

4.5 The application accepted for issue of Post Office Identity Card will be kept in a
Guard File by all HOs and the same will be preserved up to expiry of validity of card i.e., three years. The applications not accepted for issue of the card will be preserved in the separate Guard File maintained for this purpose for 6 months.

4.5 The PO ID card will be issued with in 15 days from the date of receipt of the application form at HO.

4.6 In the event of address furnished in the application found to be “false” or “bogus” or not verifiable at the time of verification PO ID Card will not be issued.

No. of applications receivedNo of applications sent to Card MakerNo. of cards received from the card makerNo. of cards deliveredNo. of applications pending with card maker for preparation of cardsNo.of cards pending for delivery

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