Odisha Postal Circle Comments on Merger of PA CO RO SBCO


Odisha Postal Circle submitted Comments/Feedback/views on Proposal of Merger of PA CO RO SBCO with PA PO

Department of Posts, India
O/O The Chief Postmaster General
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar – 751001

No.RE/6-1/2017 (Rig) – Corr Dated at Bhubaneswar, the 09.06.2022


The ADG (PE-I)
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Regarding proposal for unification/merger of PA(CO/RO)/(SBCO)/(EPO) with PA (PO).

Ref: Directorate letter No. Q-25/11/2022-PE-I-DOP dated 09.05.2022.


Kindly refer to you office letter No. Q-25/11/2022-PE-DOP dated 09.05.2022 on the above noted subject. Based on the suggestions received at this end, comments/views on the proposal are given below:-

1. Draft modalities for unification of Postal Assistant (CO/RO) cadre.

The following points are brought to your kind notice and the adverse impacts on the administration by way of the proposed merger.

(a) Department of Posts has been functioning with four wings viz. Post Office Operations, Railway Mail Service, Circle Office and SBCO since long. Our Department’s major workforce are the group ‘C’ cadre posts namely Postal Assistant, Sorting Assistant, Postal Assistant (CO/RO), Postal Assistant (S Co) and MTS which are distinct cadres with unique expertise and are self contained in their area of work to give better service to the customers.

(b) Similarly, PA(CO/RO) and MTS which constitute a main and vital human resource for Circle Office/Regional Office which in turn also benefits the other wings of the Department due to their expertise in administrative/ministerial work.

(c) The proposal for unification/merger especially of PA(CO/RO) with PA(PO) and divisionaliation of MTS (CO) cadre may not be a good move in view of the following ascepts :

(i) The nature of the duties of a PA (CO/RO) is quite different from that of Postal Assistant (PO), to which the current merger is being proposed. The same is also evident from the point that the induction training imparted to PA(CO/RO)s is also completely different from that of the PA(PO)s which is in line with the National Training Policy of the DoPT, Government of India.

(ii) PA (CO/RO) deals with administrative / ministerial work while a Postal Assistant (PO) mainly deals with the Postal Operations in a Post Office. Through they are expert in their post office related work they are found uneasy and different for administrative works.

(iii) PA (PO)s who will in Circle Office/ Region Office will lack his/her attachment to Circle Office as compared to a PA(CO/RO) as they know that they are there for a limited period of three years only.

(v) PA (PO)s who will work in Circle Office/ Region Office will not be as efficient as PA(CO/RO) on the analogy of the maxim ‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’ as their tenure in the Circle Office will be a period of three years only.

(vi) Circle Office/Region Office will lose its significance as it will have no staff of its own and to depend on the Divisions. With the passage of time, whereabouts of the files/documents may not be available at Circle Office /Region Office.

(d) Ultimately, the Circle Office which is designed in the pattern of Central Secretariat Service and serving, as a beacon in the Postal Circle will lose its significance due to proposed dual staffing pattern in PA(CO/RO) & MTS cadre and the very purpose of setting up Circle Office/ Region Office with Ministerial staff like erstwhile LDC/UDC and presently PA(CO/RO) may be defeated.

(e) As regards MTS cadre, the proposals for unification /merger will have a very adverse impact on the morale of such cadre. The MTS officials of CO/RO recruited in the year 2015 and waiting to appear in the PA(CO/RO) exam shall be deprived of appearing such exam. On the other hand MTS Officials recruited in Postal/RMS wing, in the same year have already been promoted to Postman / Mail Guard cadre. Merger will cause great loss to the career as well as seniority of the MTS of CO/RO.

(2) Draft modalities for unification of Postal Assistant (SBCO) cadre.

The proposal for unification/merger of PAs(SBCO) cadre with PA(PO) cadre may also create similar dislocation disposal of SBCO related work. The objectives of SBCO wings for which was carried out from Postal Accounts may not achieved.

In view of the reasons stated above. I am directed to request that Directorate will have a relook at the proposal at merger of PA(CO/RO) / (SBCO) with PA(PO) cadre.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Yours faithfully,
(B. K. Patro)
Asst. Director (RE)
O/o Chief PMG, Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar – 751001

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