DOP IT Modernization Project 2.0


Setting up of Project  Management Committees (PMCs) under DOP IT Modernization Project 2.0 – Order Dated 09.06.2022

File No. Tgy-48/6/2022-Technology-DOP
(Technology Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi- 110001
Date  09.06.2022

Office Memorandum

Sub: Setting up of Project  Management Committees (PMCs) under DOP IT Modernization Project 2.0

In supersession of this office memo No. Te-52/6/2020-Technology-Part( 1 ) dt. 16.6.2021 and 30.6.2021 regarding setting up RFP Committees for IT Project 2.0, it has been  decided to constitute Project Management Committees (PMCs) under IT Modernization  Project IT 2.0 with the following roles and responsibilities:-

• Responsible for Business requirements, Software Requirement Specifications, User Acceptance Testing, Training and Go live Management for both DoP and IPPB tracks.
• For DoP Tracks, PMC additionally will also prepare EOI/ RFPs/ SLA/ MSA and do the vendor/product/technology selection.
• Complete owner of the track and shall ensure Roll out, Operations and Management of  the application, and raise changes that are required.
• Setup the Program Management monitoring template with milestones, timelines and  reporting structure.
• Responsible for the O&M phase. PMC shall have an effective monitoring team at CEPTs for SLA.
• Shall assess & approve the new requirements and changes required in consultation  with the Technology division.

2. A Governance Mechanism of the Committees is enclosed as Annexure – A. and Solution  Architecture is also enclosed.

3. Following is the composition of the PMCs along with tracks.

i. Banking Technology Committee: Track- P02

Chief PersonDDG Financial Services
Members1. GM CEPT
2. Sh. L.K. Dash, PMG Bengaluru HQ Region
4. Director CBS

5. Director Investigation
6. Director Accounts – IFA to DDG (FS)
7. ADG (CBS)
Member-ConvenerADG (Technology)

ii. Insurance Technology Committee. Track-P03

Chair PersonChief General Manager Postal Life Insurance
Members1. GM (Ops) PLI
2. GM (B&I)
3. Sh. G. Natarajan, PMG Chennai City Region, TN Circle
4. GM Finance PLI – IFW to CGM PLI
6. Director, CEPT
Member-ConvenerADG (Technology)

iii. Parcel & Mail Management Technology Committee: Track-P04

Chair PersonChief General Manager Parcel
Members1. DDG(IR&GB)
3. GM (Ops) Parcel
4. Dr Ajay Singh Chauhan, PMG Mails & BD, Delhi Circle
5. APS Representative- Major Shilpa Rao Tanugula 6. GM Finance – IFW to CGM Parcel
7. Director, CEPT
Member-ConvenerDirector (Technology)

iv. Accounting Technology Committee. Track: P05

Chair PersonSr DDG Postal Accounts & Financial (PAF)
Membera1. GM, CEPT
2. Sh. Vivek Daksh, PMG HQ Region, UP Circle
3. Director Accounts
4. Director (T&C)
5. Director Budget
6. ADG (PBI)
7. A representative from NIC
Member-ConvenerDirector (Technology)

v. Process Automation Technology Committee. Track: P06

Chair PersonDDG Establishment
MembersOne Management Interface (P06)
1.DDG Personnel
2. DDG Training
3. DDG Estates
6. Sh. R. K. Jayabhaye, PMG Pune Region, MH Circle
8. Sh. Pawan Kumar Dalmia, DPS HQ Bhopal, MP Circle
9. Representative of NIC
10. GM (Finance) – IFA to DDG Establishment
Member-ConvenerDirector (Technology)

vi. Communication Technology Committee. Track: P07, P08

Chair PersonDDG Technology
Members(1) One User Interface (P07)
1. Sh. Nirmal Singh, DPS HQ Ambala, HR Circle
2. Director CEPT
3. Ms Neetu, DPS HQ WB Circle
4. Sh. Bishan Singh, DPS (HQ) Himachal Pradesh Circle
5. Sh. Gaurav Singla, DPS HQ Shillong, NE Circle
6. Director FA – IFW to DDG (Technology)
(2) One Hosting Interface (P08)
1. Md. Shahnawaz Akhter, DPS (HQ). Lucknow LIP Circle
2. Ms Anubrata S. Das, Director RB
3. Director CEPT
4. Sh. Abhijeet J. Bansode, DPS Aurangabad, MH Circle
5. Sh. Himanshu Choudhary SSP Bangalore East division
6. Director FA – IFA to DDG (Technology)
Member-ConvenerADG (Technology)

This issues with the approval of Competent Authority

ADG (Technology)


1. All Chairperson and Members of the Committees.

Copy To:-

1. Sr. PPS/PPS to Secretary (Posts)/ DG (Posts)
2. All Members PSB for information
3. All CPMGs


OM dt 09062022 PMCs.pdf

Solution Architecture.pdf

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