Dak Karmayogi User Guide – How to Sign Up and Enrollment


Dak Karmayogi User Guide | Dak Karmayogi Trainee User Guide Version 1.1 | Dak Karmayogi Registration, Sign Up, Sign In, Login & Enrollment Process

DAK KARMAYOGI is An e learning Platform of Department of Posts (DOP) Government of India. www.dakkarmayogi.gov.in is the Dak Karmayogi Portal/website Link.

Contents of Dak Karmayogi Trainee User Guide are: One Time Registration on Web Portal (Sign up)

1. Login by Trainee (Sign In)

2. Enrollment for courses

3. Attending Course

4. Additional Options

1. Sign Up (Initial One Time Registration in web portal)

1.1 Click on Sign Up button at top right of the home page

1.2 A pop up window will appear, enter Employee Id, Date of Birth, Email Id and Mobile No. and click Get OTP to Sign Up

1.2 Enter SMS and Email OTP and click Submit to verify Mobile and Email id

1.3 After entering both OTPs and clicking Submit button, default password will be sent to Email/Mobile.

2. Sign In (Login by trainee)

2.1 Click on Sign In option available on home screen

2.2 Sign In menu will appear like this. Trainee has to login with default password received in Email.

2.3 Change default password on first login

2.3 After successful login, this screen will appear. Click Enroll Now to start course

3. Enrollment for Courses

3.1 Click on option for Online/Onsite courses as the case may be

3.2 Screen of Registration form will appear where trainee has to register for required course

3.3 In case of selection of onsite (campus training of PTC/RTC) training at login page, below page will appear.

3.4 Enrollment form has to be filled for onsite courses as below. In addition to basic details, hostel room selection and other additional details will also be captured here. Onsite courses will be visible only to those trainees who have been nominated for the course by respective PTC/RTC.

3.5 On successful registration, this message will appear and a confirmation email will be sent to trainee.

3.6 All online and onsite enrolled courses will appear here

4. Attending Course

4.1 On clicking course thumbnail, details of course and its contents will appear. Click on Start Now button

4.2 Content Delivery Area

4.2.1 Video streaming

4.2 Content Delivery Area

4.2.2 Explore Download Rulings related to learnt topic

4.2.3 Practice Test

4.2.3 Attempting test

4.2.3 Test Result Minimum 60% marks required to proceed further in course

4.2.4 After completing final test with minimum passing marks, this message to generate certificate.

4.2.5 Download option will appear to download final certificate

4.2.5 A message will appear to provide feedback of course on next page

4.2.6 Feedback form On submitting feedback, trainee will be automatically removed from that course. However, he can again enroll for that course

5. Additional Options

5.1 On clicking Quiz option, trainee can view report of all quizes of his course.

5.2 On clicking Detailed Report option, trainee can view details about all quizzes attempted.

5.3 On clicking Graphs option, trainee can view graphical report of all quizes of his course.

5.4 By Message option, trainee can send/receive message to/from his faculty.

5.5 By Assignments option, trainee can submit assignments asked by his faculty.

Download Dak Karmayogi Trainee User Guide in PDF

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