Rule 38 Transfer App and Link by CEPT – RollOut


Roll-out of application developed by CEPT for managing Transfer under Rule 38 – Dated 19th May 2022

No. X- 12/6/2021-SPN-II
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110 001
Dated: May 19, 2022


All Chief Postmaster General

Subject: Roll-out of application developed by CEPT for managing Transfer under Rule 38 – reg.

Madam / Sir,

I am directed to refer to the above mentioned subject and to say that CEPT had made presentation during VC held on 27.04.2022 on application developed for managing Transfer under Rule 18.

2. Further. during meeting held through VC on 13.05.2022, CEPT has demonstrated process for feeding legacy data, i.e. details in respect of pending Rule 38 transfer requests with Circles.

3. In order to facilitate migration of pending transfer requests to online environment and smooth roll-out of software, following activities will be completed by the Circles as per the schedule enclosed as Annexltre ‘A’ :-

a) All postal Circles shall make data entry of outward transfer requests pending with them. Data entry shall be done by Circle Office for Circle cadre officials and by Divisional office for Divisional cadre officials (including for PA/SA). Data entry shall be done for all transfer requests received till 31st May, 2022.

b) Entries so made shall be validated by Circle Office on the basis of information available at Circle Office. It should be ensured that all pending requests have been captured.

c) After completion of data entry by all Circles. CEPT shall populate such list to Circles where transfers have been sought.

d) List received by the circles where transfer have been sought, shall be arranged with reference to Inward priority list prepared by the Circles both for Inter-Circle as well as Intra-Circle transfer requests. This activity shall be done by Circle Offices and Inward priority list shall be freezed.

e) The inward priority list so prepared shall be final and will not undergo any change. The inward priority list so freezed will be migrated to the system.

f) Once all the requests of Rule – 38 of the Circles are migrated, Circles will feed vacancy position for each cadre.

For this purpose, the Circle will collect category & Mode wise vacancies for MTS/Postman/Mail Guard cadre for which roster is maintained at Divisional level and feed details of vacancies for each Division.

In case of PA/SA cadre, the vacancy position will be collected from Divisions and distribution of vacancy to different mode of recruitment and category shall be done at Circle level and feed in the system (Refer: Ietter no. X-12/6/2021-SPN-II dated 05.01 2022).

In case of other Circle cadres, mode and category wise vacancy shall be assessed by Circle office and feed in system.

g) Transfer cycle for the month of June 2022 will be operated through software. which will consider the requests received upto 31.05.2022.

4. In order to ensures, smooth migration of pending requests and initialization of online software for transfer under Rule – 38, it has been decided that provision for making transfer requests in presently available; modes shall stand suspended from 01st, June 2022 till further orders. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned including all employees in the Circle.Once software is deployed, officials will be able to request for transfer in online mode.

5. Concerned DPS (HQ) will be the nodal officer for implementation of project. While APMG / ADPS dealing with staff matter will function as SPOC for all activities related to implementation of the project.

Encl: As abovea

Yours faithfully,
(Satya Narayana Dash)
Director (SPN)

Copy to:
General Manager, CEPT, Bengaluru for information and necessary action

ANNEXURE to letter no. X-12/6/2021-SPN-II(Pt. ) dated 19th May, 2022

PeriodActivity to be done
23.05.2022 to 02.06.2022All Postal Circles shall ensure completion of data entry of pending transfer requests Software in data entry module of Software. Applications received upto 31.05.2022 will be entered.
03.06.2022 to 07.06.2022Circle Office shall validate data entered by Circle Office and Divisional Offices to ensure that all pending request has been captured in data entry module.
08.06.2022 to 10.06.2022CEPT shall populate transfer requests (Inter-Circle & Intra-Circle) to the Circle where transfer is sought.
11.06.2022 to 17.06.2022All Postal Circles shall complete arranging of transfer requests with reference to Inward priority list prepared by Circle Office both for Inter-Circle and Intra-Circle requests.

List will be freezed and migrated to online environment.
18.06.2022 to 20.06.2022Circles shall feed vacancy position for each cadre (Mode-wise as well as category-wise)
22.06.2022 to 23.06.2022Intra-Circle transfer cycle shall be operated and completed by CEPT through software.
24.06.2022 to 25.06.2022Intra-Circle transfer cycle shall be operated and completed by CEPT through software.

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Online Link to Apply Rule 38 (Yet Not Activated)

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