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This is regarding insuring safety and security of parcels in transmission through Road Transport Network of the Department.

F. No. 19-02/2019-PD
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Parcel Directorate

Malcha Marg Post Office Complex
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021
Dated: 27.05.2022


All Chief Postmaster General

Subject : Safe and secure Transmission of Parcel through Postal Road Transport Network.

This is regarding insuring safety and security of parcels in transmission through Road Transport Network of the Department.

2. The primary objective of operationalising Road Transport Network is to ensure safe and secure transmission of parcels. In this connection, several instructions have been issued by Parcel Directorate requesting the Circles to use BULLET SEALS in RTN vehicles, CARGO / SEPARATION NET, CCTV camera coverage at Parcel Hubs and TMOs and mandatory scanning of bag labels at all handling points. (Instructions issued vide this office letter No. 18-24/2019-PD dated 06.03.2020 and 17-24/2019-PD (Pt.) dated 11.03.2022 enclosed)

3. During field visits of officers from Parcel Directorate, it has, however been noticed that the above instructions are not fully complied with, which jeopardizes security of parcels and creates a situation of trust deficit for India Post.

4. Securing the Postal Supply Chain is, therefore, the need of the hour, and ensuring a safe and secure parcel delivery will go a long way in improving customer confidence. It is once again re-iterated that Road Transport Network is to be made the primary mode for transmission of parcels.

5. It is requested that all instructions referred to in para ‘2’ above must be strictly adhered to. In case RTN vehicle on any route does not comply with instructions on use of BULLE SEAL/CARGO NET, the same must be reported in the RTN Dashboard under “Discrepancy” by the next office in the transmission eg. Circles are requested to review discrepancy column in the RTN dashboard on a day-to-day basis, CCTV cameras must be operational on a day-to-day basis in Parcel Hubs and Transit points.

6. It is also requested that guidelines on priority for dispatch of parcels through RTN must be scrupulously followed. The order of priority of transmission of bags through RTN is reiterated as below: (Guidelines issued vide letter No. 19-02/2019-PD (Pt-I) dated 17.03.2022 enclosed)

(a) Parcels – Speed Post parcel, Business Parcel, Registered Parcel & Ordinary Parcel

(b) Speed Post Parcels should be sent by air as far as possible, however, considering the time taken for transmission from origin to destination, Speed Post parcel can be sent through RTN, if operational on that route.

(c) Other categories of mail, subject to availability of space.

7. In order to become the preferred partner for the retail customers and e-commerce companies in terms of safe and secure transmission and timely delivery of parcels, the instructions as above must be strictly complied with.

8. Safety and security of parcels in transmission is therefore of utmost importance in ensuring the retention of existing customers and on-boarding of new customers.

Enclosures : As above

(Ajay Kumar Roy)
Chief General Manager

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