ASP IP Transfer and Posting in Delhi Circle


The competent authority has ordered the following transfer and posting in ASP cadre with immediate effect (on completion of tenure/ interest of service) – Order dated 19.05.2022

Department of Posts
Office of the Chief Postmaster General Delhi Circle, New Delhi – 110001

Memo No.: Staff/01-04/2019/DA-1
Dated at New Delhi 110001 the 19.05.2022


The competent authority has ordered the following transfer and posting in ASP cadre with immediate effect (on completion of tenure/ interest of service):

SI. No Name of the officers (Sh./Smt/Ms)Present postingPlace of Posting Remarks
1Manu DevASRM BOC Market Road, ND Stg DnASRM BPC Market Road, ND Stg DnRecommended for one year extension
2Pawan KumarASRM Delhi APTMOASRM Division office Delhi StgVice Sh. Sajid Vishal transferred
3ManjeetASRM BNPL SP Hub Basant LokASP PSDAgainst the vacant post
4Ved PrakashASP AMPCASP 2nd Sub Dn South Westvice Ms Tabassum Tfd
5Deepak KumarASP Vig COASP HQ West DnVice Sh. Aallim Hussain Tfd
6Dinesh ASP Vig COASRM BPC Market Road, (attached to CO as ASP Staff & Trg)Vacant
7Sajid VishalASRM Dn Office Delhi StgASP Ist Sub Division Delhi East Dn Vice Sh. Abhishek Sarkar Tfd
8PriyankaASRM DN Office ND Stg {attached as ASRM CRC-2 Batch Delhi RMs Bhawan)ASRM BNPL SP Hub Basant LokVice Ms. Manjeet Tfd
9Amit Kumar ASRM NDPSO/BPC Fgn Post (attached with CO ad ASP (A & P)}ASRM CRC Batch2 Delhi (CO as ASO (A&P)}Vacant
10Nitin SharmaASP IInd Sun Dn North DnASRM Dhi APTMO Vice Sh. Pawan Kumar tfd.
11Amit ThakurASP 3rd Sub Division Delhi North DnASP HQ Delhi North DnVice Sh. Anand Tfd.
12Sandeep KumarASRM Bag PSD {attached with CO ad ASP (FS)}ASP Vig COVice Sh. Dinesh Tfd.
13TabassumASP IInd Sub Dn SW DnASP (ecommerce), SJ Stg attached to C.O. as ASP (Bldg and Philately)Vice Sh. Kundan Tfd.
14Aalim HussainASP HQ West DnASP (HQ) Central DnVice Sh. Deepak Kumar Tfd
15Sushil BhartiASP Parcel ASRM Divisional Office New DelhiVacant
16Sangeeta KambleASP EsttASP EsttTemporary transferred from Chattisgarh Circle
17Meena DuttaASP PG South WestASP D South WestVacant
18Abhishek SarkarASP Ist Sub Dn East Dn.ASP HQ and Parcel, C.O.Vacant
19Anand SinghASP HQ Delhi NorthASRM Bag PSD (attached with CO ad ASP {FS & CPC (CBS)}Vice Sh. Sandeep Kumar tfd.


The competent authority is pleased to promote the following IPs in ASP cadre on purely temporary and adhoc basis and post them as under in the Level-8 of Pay Matrix (Rs. 47600-Rs. 151100/-) for a period not exceeding one year till the regular incumbent joins or till further orders whichever is earlier:

S.No.Name of the officers (Sh./Smt/Ms)Present postingPlace of PostingRemarks
1.Dinesh Chandra PandeyIPO PG COASP HQ East DnVice Sh. Atul Saxena promoted to Gr. B
2 .Kumkum KesharwaniIP Uniform PSDASP IIst Sub Dn Northvice Sh. Nitin Sharma Tfd
3.Shivani KatochIP Ist Sub Dn South DnASP Ist Sub Dn SouthRestored to upgraded past vide CO memo no. Estt/R-278/1-C/Pt-II dated 19.05.2022

3. The promotion of the above noted IPs in ASP Cadre is purely on temporary and adhoc basis and will not confer on them any right to claim seniority or regular absorption in the grade. He/she will be reverted to his/her parent cadre at any time without prior notice or assigning any reason. The arrangement will automatically stand terminated on expiry of one year. In case no formal orders of reversion are issued.

4. In case any vigilance/ disciplinary case is pending/ contemplated, the officers may not be promoted and matter may be referred to this office for further action.

5. The officer who wishes to give option for choosing date for fixation of Pay under Rule 22 (1)(a)(1) if applicable, should do so within one month from the date of assumption of the charge.

6. Relevant Charge reports be sent to all concerned.

APMG (Staff & Estt)
O/o the Chief PMG Delhi Circle
New Delhi – 110001

Copy to:-

1. Sr. PS to CPMG/PS to PMG(O)/ PMG(M&BD), Circle office .
2. O/o GM(F), Delhi -110054
3. All Head of Units in Delhi Circle
4. All Group officers in Circle office
5. All Union Secretaries of the recognized Unions/ Association
6. Officer Concerned
7. Office copy/ Spare

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