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SB Order 6/2022 – Printing and Supply of AAR Books and ASLAAS Cards

SB Order 6/2022 - Printing and Supply of AAR Books and ASLAAS Cards

SB Order 6/2022 – Printing and Supply of AAR Books, ASLAAS-5 Cards and POSB Cheques by Department of Posts – Download PDF

SB Order 6/2022

F.No. FS- 14/3/2021-FS-DOP
Govt. of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(F.S. Division)

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001
Dated : 01.04.2022


All Head of Circles / Regions

Subject: Printing and Supply of AAR Books, ASLAAS-5 Cards and POSB Cheques by Department of Posts – Reg.


Sir / Madam,

At present, the following Savings Bank related forms/stationeries are printed and supplied by National Savings Institute (NSI), New Delhi.

(i). Authorized Agents Receipt GAR) Books – Cash and Cheque for SAS agents.
(ii).  ASLAAS-5 Cards for MPKBY agents.
(iii). POSB CTS Cheque books for PO Savings Account holders.

2. In accordance with the orders in Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance OM No. PA/12/5(6)2021 dated 12.10.2021 and in OM No. 11/04/2021-BA dated 27.12.2021, the task of printing and supply of the above said items has been transferred from NSI to Department of Posts (DOP). Accordingly,  the above said three items will be printed and supplied by DOP from the financial year 2022 – 2023 i.e. from 01.04.2022.

3. A detailed Standard Operating Procedure in connection with the printing and supply of the above said items by Department of Posts is attached herewith.

4. Printing of AAR Books and ASLAAS-5 cards will be carried out by the PSDs identified and printing of POSB Cheque books will continue to be done by India Security Press, Nashik. Sample copy of AAR book may be available with all PSDs and a sample copy of ASLAAS-5 card is attached for reference and printing.

5. Circles /Regions are requested to take necessary actions in this regard and this order may be circulated to all the offices.

6. This is issued with the approval of DDG (FS).

Encl: As above.

Assistant Director (SB-I)

Copy to:-

  • 1. Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts)
  • 2. PS to Director General Postal Services.
  • 3. PPS/ PS to Addl. DG (Co-ordination)/Member (Banking)/ Member (O)/Member (P)/ Member (Planning & HRD), Member (PLI) Member (Tech)/AS & FA
  • 4. Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi
  • 5. Chief General. Manager, BD Directorate / Parcel Directorate /PLI Directorate
  • 6. Sr. Deputy Director General (Vig) & CVO) / Sr. Deputy Director General (PAF)
  • 7. Director, RAKNPA / CGM, CEPT / Directors of all PTCs.
  • 8. Director General P & T (Audit), Civil Lines, New Delhi
  • 9. Secretary, Postal Services Board/ All Deputy Directors General
  • 10. All General Managers (Finance) / Directors Postal Accounts / DDAP
  • 11. Chief Engineer (Civil), Postal Directorate
  • 12. All recognized Federations / Unions / Associations
  • 13. The Under Secretary, MOF (DEA), NS-II Section, North Block, New Delhi.
  • 14. The Joint Director & HOD, National Savings Institute, ICCW Building, 4 Deendayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi 110002. It is requested to kindly instruct all the Small Savings Offices across the country to adhere the procedure prescribed for printing of ASLAAS-5 cards.
  • 15. GM, CEPT, Mysuru – for uploading the order on the India Post website.
  • 16. The Manager (T-C) & Deputy Controller of Stamps, India Security Press, Nashik Road – 422101
  • 17. Guard File

Assistant Director (SB-I)

Download PDF of SB order 6/2022 (20 Pages)

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