Promotion and Postings of STS Officers in DoP


Promotion and postings of Senior Time Scale (STS) officers of Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’ to Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) of the Service and transfer/postings of regular JAG officers of Indian Postal Service Group A – Order Dated 01/04/2022

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Staff Branch)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110 001
Dated: 01/04/2022


Subject: Promotion and postings of Senior Time Scale (STS) officers of Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’ to Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) of the Service and transfer/postings of regular JAG officers of Indian Postal Service Group ‘A’.


The President is pleased to order promotion of the following Senior Time Scale (STS) officers of Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’ to the Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) of the Service in Level 12 of the Pay Matrix (Rs.78,800/- 2,09,2001) with effect from date of assumption of charge of the post and until further orders. Consequent upon their promotion, the officers are posted as mentioned below:

S. No.Name of the Officer & Batch (Mr./Ms.)Present PostingPosting on promotionRemarks
1.Priyanka Jain (IPoS:2012)Delhi Circle.Director, PTC, GuwahatiAgainst vacant post
2.T. S. Aswathanarayana (SLY-2011)Karnataka CircleDirector, (Technology), Postal Directorate, New Delhi.Vice Ms. Arkaja Das transferred
3.Gaurav Singla (IPoS:2012) On deputation to IPPBDPS (HQ), NE Circle, ShillongVice Mr. Subash Chandra Barik transferred
DGM, Parcel Directorate, New DelhiAddI GM, Parcel Directorate, New DelhiAgainst vacant post
5.Abhishek Jain (IPoS:2012) Delhi CircleDPS (Mails & BD), Assam Circle, GuwahatiVice Ms. Madhuri Dabral transferred
6.Major Manoj Kumar
Punjab CircleDirector (CBS), Postal Directorate, New Delhi.Vice Mr. Bishan Singh transferred
7.Bhawani Prasad
Himachal Pradesh CircleDPS, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh CircleAgainst vacant post
8.Abhijeet Jagannath Bansode
Maharashtra CircleDPS, Aurangabad Region, AurangabadAgainst vacant post
9.K. K. Devis
Kerala CircleDPS (Mails & BD), Kerala Circle, ThiruvanthapuramBy temporary diversion of the post of DPS, Calicut Region, Kozhikode
10.V. K. Mohan
Karnataka CircleDPS, SK Region. Karnataka Circle, BengaluruAgainst vacant post
11.Abhishek Kumar Singh (IPoS:2012)Uttar Pradesh CircleDirector (Vigilance), Postal Directorate, New DelhiVice Mr. Jagdeep Gupta transferred

2. In case the officers wish to choose the date of fixation of pay on promotion under FR 22 (D 6) (1), they can do so within one month from the date of assumption of charge of the post.


Orders of the Competent Authority are hereby conveyed for transfers/postings of the following regular officers of Administrative Grade (JAG) of the Indian Postal service, Group A’ with immediate effect and until further orders:

A. Transfer/ Posting of JAG officers on completion of tenure:

S. No.Name of the Officer & Batch (Mr./Ms.)Present postingPosting on transferRemarks
1.Madhuri Dabral Dalmia (IPoS:1989)DPS (Mails & BD). GuwahatiDPS, Manipur, ImphalAgainst vacant post
2.Jagdeep Gupta Dalmia (IPoS:2004)Dir. (Vigilance), Postal DirectorateDirector (Establishment), Postal Directorate, New DelhiAgainst vacant post
3.Nirm Singh Dalmia (IPoS:2004)DPS (HQ & MaiI Mktg), AmbalaExtension for six months
4.Manoj Kumar-II Dalmia (IPoS:2005)DPS, Calicut Region, KozhikodeDPS (MaiIs & BD), Maharashtra Circle, MumbaAgainst vacant post
5.Annamalai Saravanan Dalmia (IPoS:2005)Director, CEPT, Chennai.DPS, Southern Region, Madurai.Vice Mr. K. Raveendran transferred
6.Sunil Kumar Rai Dalmia (IPoS:2005)DPS (HQ & Mail Mktg, Uttarakhand Circle, DehradunDirector, PTC, SaharanpurAgainst vacant post
7.Kaiya Arora Dalmia (IPoS:2007)DPS (Ho, Maharashtra Circle, MumbaiDPS (HO, Karnataka CircIe, BengaluruVice Mr. M.B. Gajbhiye transferred
8.Pawan Kumar Dalmia (IPoS:2008)DPS, Nagpur Region, NagpurDPS (HQ & Mail Mktg.), MP Circle, BhopalVice Dr. S. Shivaram transferred
9.Dr. S. Shivaram Dalmia (IPoS:2008)DPS (HQ & Mail Mktg, MP Circle, BhopaIDPS, Vadodara Region, VadodaraVice Mr. Ansuya Prasad transferred
10.Ram Vilas Choudhary
Dir. (Mails & BD), Delhi Circle, New DelhiDPS (HQ & MaiI Mkteg.), Jharkhand Circle, RanchAgainst vacant post
11.Binti Choudhary
Director (PMU-I, Postal Directorate, New DelhiDPS (HQ), Delhi Circle, New DelhiAgainst vacant post
12.Ashish Singh Thakur
DPS (HQ), Chhattisgarh Circle, RaipurDirector PTC, MysuruAgainst vacant post
13.Dinesh Kumar Mistry
DPS (HQ & Mail Mktg.), HP Circle, ShimlaDPS (HQ), Chhattisgarh Circle, RaipurVice Sh. Ashish Singh Thakur transferred

B. Transfers / Postings of JAG officers in the in t of service.

S. No. Ne of the Officers & Batch (Mr./Ms.)Present posting Posting on transferRemarks
1.Chandra Shekhar Kakumanu (IPoS:2006)DPS (HQ), AP Circle, VijayawadaDPS Bengaluru HQ Region, BengaluruAgainst vacant post.
2Sunil Kumar (IPoS:2009)DPS, GhaziabadDirector, (Staff) Postal Directorate, New DelhiVice Mr. G. Rajeev transferred to CSS post
3.Aditya Kumar Nayak (SLY-2009)DPS(HQ), Odisha Circle, BhubaneswarDPS (HO, AP Circle, VijayawadaVice Mr. Chandra Sekhar Kakumanu transferred
4.Arkaja Das (IPoS:2010)Director (Technology), Postal Directorate, New DelhiDirector (FS), Postal Directorate, New De1hiAgainst vacant post.
5.Vicky Kumar
Director (MO), Postal Directorate, New DelhiDirector (Mails & BD), Delhi Circle, New DelhiVice Mr. R. V. Choudhary transferred
6.Sarnaya. U (IPoS:2011)DPS (Mails & BD), Navi Mumbai.DPS (HO, Maharashtra Circle , Mumbai.Vice Ms. Kaiya Arora transferred

C. Transfers/Postings of JAG Officers on request and on own cost:

S. No.Name of the Officers & Batch (Mr./Ms.)Present postingPosting on transferRemarks
1.M. B. Gajbhiye
DPS (HO, Karnataka Circle, BengaluruDPS, Nagpur Region, Nagpur Vice Vice Mr. Pawan Kumar Dalmia transferred
2.Subash Chandra Barik (SLY-2009)DPS (HO, NE Circle, ShillongDPS (HO, Odisha Circle, BhubaneswarVice Mr. Aditya Kumar Nayak transferred
3.K. Raveendran (SLY-2009)DPS, Southern Region, MaduraiDPS Central Region, TiruchirappalliAgainst vacant post
4.Bishan Singh (IPos:2010)Director (CBS), PostaI Directorate, New DelhiDPS (HQ & Mail Mktg, HP Circle, ShimIaVice Mr. Dinesh Kumar Mistry transferred
5.Ansuya Prasad (IPoS:2011)DPS, Vadodara RegionDPS (HQ & Mail Mktg), Uttarakhand Circle, DehradunVice Mr. Sunil Kumar Rai transferred

4. Relevant charge reports may be sent in due course.

5. Hindi version will follow.

(Vinayak Mishra)
Assistant Director General (SPG),

Copy to:

2. Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts)/Director General Postal Services.
3. PPS/PS to All Members, Postal Services Board/ Additional Director General
4. Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor
5. All Chief Postmasters General
6 CGM(PLI)/Sr. DDG Vig.) & CVO/CGM, CEPT, Bengaluru/CGM (Parched/Sr. DDG (PAF)
7. Director, RAKNPA, Ghaziabad
8. Addl. DG, APS C/o 56 APO
9. Director General, P&T (Audit), Civil Lines, New Delhi
10. All DDsG/GMS/ Secretary (PSB) DDG (Estt.) with a request for necessary action w.r.t. temporary diversion of the post of DPS, Calicut Region, Kozhikode, as mentioned in S. No. 9 of Part Iabove, till further orders.
12. Concerned Officers
13. Concerned General Managers (Finance)/Directors postal Accounts/DDAP
14. GM (CEPT), Mysore with a request to upload the order in India post website
15. Chief Engineer (Civil, Postal Directorate
16. All Directors, Postal Training Centers
17. Director (Admin.), Dak Bhawan, New DeIhi
18. ADsG (Admn.)/(Gen.Admn.)
19. PEA/C&A/PB/Vig./Admn./GA/PE-II/Hindi/Parliament Sections & NIC/ Reception, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi
20. CS to Member (P)/Shri CP Singh, IP (SPG-I)
21. SO’s Guard File

(Vinayak Mishra)
Assistant Director General (SPG)

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