SAG Officers Transfers in Indian Postal Service Order Dated 21.03.2022


Transfers/Postings of regular Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) officers of Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’ – Order Dated 21.03.2022

No. 1-5/2022-SPG
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Personnel Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110 001
Dated: 21/03/2022


Subject: Transfers/Postings of regular Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) officers of Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’ – regarding.

Orders of the Competent Authority are hereby conveyed for transfer/postings of the following officers of Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) of the Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’ with immediate effect and until further orders as follows:-

(A) Transfers/Postings of SAG officers on completion of tenure:

SI. No.Name of the officer (Sh./Shri)Present PostingPosting on transferRemarks
1.M Venkateswarulu (IPoS:1992)PMG, Vishakapatnam RegionExtension till retirementRetiring on superannuation on 31.05.2022.
2.Ms. Pratibha Nath (IPoS:1993)DDG (PG, QA & I), Postal DirectorateGM (B & I), PLI Directorate, New DelhiOn Spouse Ground, vice Shri Raj Kumar Mishra transferred.
3.T Mangminthang
PMG, NE-I RegionPMG, North Bengal RegionVice Shri Joseph Lalrinsailova transferred
4.Anil Kumar Singh
PMG, A & N RegionExtension for six monthsIn Public Interest
5.Ms. Swati Madhukar Pandey
PMG, Mumbai RegionExtension for one yearIn Public Interest
6.Brajesh Kumar (IPoS:1998)PMG, Indore RegionExtension for one yearIn Public Interest
7.Raj Kumar Mishra (IPoS:1999)GM (B & I), PLI Directorate, New DelhiDDG (RB & Planning), Postal DirectorateVice Shri Rajesh Singh proceeding in deputation.
8.Joseph Lalrinsailova (IPoS:1999) PMG, North Bengal RegionPMG, NE-IIn Public Interest vice Shri T Mangminthang transferred.
9.V S Jayasankar (IPoS:1999)PMG, Aurangabad RegionPMG, Madurai RegionAgainst vacant post

(B) Transfers/Postings of SAG officers in Public Interest

S. No.Name of the officer
Present postingPosting on transferRemarks
1.Col. S F H Rizvi (IPoS: 1993)PMG, Goa RegionPMG, Kanpur RegionVice Shri Ajay Singh Chauhan transferred.
2.Amitabh Singh (IPoS: 1995)DDG (Training & Welfare ), Postal DirectoratePMG (Mails & BD), Maharashtra CircleAgainst vacant post
3.Ajay Singh Chauhan (IPoS: 1998)PMG , Kanpur RegionPMG (Mails & BD), Delhi CircleVice Shri Harpreet Singh proceeding on vacant post
4.Dushyant Mudgal (IPoS: 2003)GM, Parcel Directorate, New DelhiDDG (Mail Operations), Postal DirectorateAgainst vacant post
5.Dr. Amarpreet Duggal (IPoS: 1999)DDG (Estates & MM), Postal DirectorateDDG (PG, QA & I), Postal DirectorateVice Ms. Pratibha Nath transferred

(C) Transfers/Postings of SAG officers who are returning from Deputation/Training/Leave:

S No.Name of the officer
Present posting Posting on transferRemarks
1.M U Abdali (IPoS:1997)On trainingDDG (Estates & MM) Postal DirectorateVice Dr. Amarpreet Duggal transferred
2.Kushal Vashist (IPoS:1999)On deputationGM, Parcel Directorate, New DelhiVice Shri Dushyant Mudgal transferred.
3.Ms. Hena Usman (IPoS:1999)On CCLDDG (Training & Welfare), Postal Directorate, New DelhiVice Shri Amitabh Singh transferred.

2. Relevant charge reports may be sent in due course.

3. Hindi version will follow.

(Vinayak Mishra)
Assistant Director General (SPG)

Copy to:-

  • 1. PS to MOC/MOSC
  • 2. Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts)/Director General Postal Services.
  • 3. PPS/PS to All Members, Postal Services Board/ Additional Director General (Co-ordination).
  • 4. Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor
  • 5. Director, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Postal Academy, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
  • 6. All Chief Postmasters General
  • 7. Sr. DDG (Vig.) & CVO/CGM (PLI)/CGM, CEPT, Bengaluru/CGM (Parcel)/Sr. DDG (PAF)
  • 8. Addl. DG, APS C/o 56 APO
  • 9. Officers concerned
  • 10. Director General, P&T (Audit), Civil Lines, New Delhi
  • 11. All DDsG/GMs/Secretary (PSB)
  • 12. Concerned General Managers (Finance)/Directors Postal Accounts/DDAP
  • 13. GM (CEPT), Mysore with a request to upload the order in India Post website.
  • 14. Chief Engineer (Civil), Postal Directorate
  • 15. All Directors, Postal Training Centres
  • 16. Director (Admin.)/(Gen. Admn.)
  • 17. ADsG (Admn.)/(Gen. Admn.)
  • 18. PEA/C&A/PB/Vig./Admn./GA/PE-II/Hindi/Parliament Sections & NIC/Reception, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi
  • 19. CS to Member (P)/Shri C P Singh, IP (SPG-I)
  • 20. SO’s Guard File

(Vinayak Mishra)
Assistant Director General (SPG)

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