Probation and / or Confirmation of direct recruits Multi Tasking Staff, Postman, Mail Guard and Stenographer Grade-II


Probation and / or Confirmation of direct recruits Multi Tasking Staff, Postman, Mail Guard and Stenographer Grade-II

F.No. W-17/31/2021-SPN-I-DOP
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi- 110 001.
Dated: 03.03.2022


1. All Head of Circles
2. Director Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Nationol Postal Academy (RAKNPA)
3. All Director of Postal Training Centres

Subject: Probation and / or Confirmation of direct recruits Multi Tasking Staff, Postman, Mail Guard and Stenographer Grade-II – reg.


Recruitment rules of Multi Tasking Staff (MTS), Postman / Mail Guard and Postal Assistant (PAs) / Sorting Assistant (SAs) etc. provides successful completion of mandatory training as an essential condition for completion of probation period for direct recruits. Attention is also invited to DOPT OM No.28020/1/2010-Estt(C) dated 30.10.2014 in this regard.

2. Instructions regarding probation / confirmation of direct recruits PAs/SAs have been issued vide Department of Posts letter No. 37-47/2010-SPB-I dated 16.04.2015, letter No. 1-22/2010-Trg dated 22.03.2017 and letter No. W-04/2/2020-SPN-I dated 04.06.2020.

3. Currently direct recruits PAs/SAs officials undergo institutional / induction training at the Postal Training Centres (PTCs) / Regional Training Centres (RTCs) where they have to obtain minimum marks as prescribed by Training Division, in the tests for successful completion of mandatory training. Which is pre-requisite for confirmation.

4. In line with the above, following instructions shall be taken into account for successful completion of probation and / or confirmation in case of direct recruits MTS, Postman, Mail Guard and Stenographer Grade-II:-

(a) It shall be mandatory for direct recruit probationary officials to successfully complete probation period of two years. During the probation period officials shall mandatory training at PTCs/RTCs and pass all examinations with minimum qualifying marks.

(b) If any probationary direct recruit officials is unable to clear the tests held at the PTCs/RTCs in he/she may be given two more additional chances to pass the tests. These three chances (including first chance during training) may be provided within the two year mandatory probation period. Such officials should not be posted to any sensitive post during the period.

(c) Before the third chance is given to an official, who has failed in first two attempts, he/she should be given a written warning to the effect that his/her failure in mandatory test does not justify his/her confirmation in the service and that, unless he/she shows substantial improvement within a specified period and clears the test, the issue of terminating him/her from service shall be considered.

(d) If any, official is still unable to clear the tests in three attempts within two years probation period, the probation period in his/her case will be extended by six months during which time he/she shall have to mandatorily pass the tests. For such officials, whose probation period has been extended by six months due to failure to pass the tests, a qualifying test will also be introduced which will be in addition to the existing tests. The modalities of such qualifying test will be as finalized by Training Division of the Postal Directorate.

(e) In case the official passes required tests and has also acted/performed satisfactorily during the entire period of probation including extension also, he/she shall be declared to have successfully completed probation period and shall be confirmed in service by the Departmental Confirmation Committee (DCC).

(f) If any officials fails in the test, the services of such temporary direct recruits official shall be terminated.

5. These instructions will be applicable to the officials appointed after issue of these instructions. Circles are requested to take appropriate action as per instructions outlined at para 4 above. These instructions shall be communicated to all those concerned in the Circles.

Yours faithfully,
(Satya Narayana Dash)
Director (SPN)

Copy to:-

1. DDG (Training) for information and necessary action.
2. GM(CEPT)- with a request to upload the letter on the India Post website.
3. AD(OL)- For Hindi translation of this letter.

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