PLI RPLI Voucher Posting in SAP for Past Period


Voucher posting into the CSI-SAP system for receipt & payment (disbursement) transactions of the PLI & RPLI through CBS – reg.

F. No. PL-46-3/2019-LI
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Directorate of Postal Life Insurance

Chanakyapuri PO Complex,
New Delhi, Dated 22.02.2022


All the Head of Circles,
All the Head of PAOs

Subject: Voucher posting into the CSI-SAP system for receipt & payment (disbursement) transactions of the PLI & RPLI through CBS – reg.

Kindly refer to this Directorate’s letter no. 29-26/2021-LI dated 29.07.2021 (copy enclosed) regarding Integrated Standard Operating & Accounting Procedure on PLI CBS Integration. As per the point no. II. STANDARD ACCOUNTING & RECONCILIATION PROCEDURE, it was requested that the Payment Offices (GPOs/HPOs/CPCs) in the Circles will do the voucher posting on T+1 -day w.e.f. 2nd August 2021 (Monday) till PLI-CSI integration on daily and regular basis. Further, for transactions for the period from 20.02.2021 to 31.07.2021, voucher posting was to be done on 08.08.2021 (Sunday) for segregation of the past transactions.

2. While reviewing the status of the accounting of the PLI-CBS transactions w.e.f. 20.02.2021, it was observed that some CPCs / HPOs / GPOs did not complete the required activity on 08.08.2021 (Sunday) for past transactions due to various reasons (Lock down, lack of awareness, communication gap etc.). No regular voucher posting w.e.f. 2nd August 2021 is being done by the CPCs / HPOs / GPOs as well.

3. Therefore, it is decided that the voucher posting of the past period (20.02.2021 to 31.01.2022) for unposted PLI-CBS transactions will be completed by the CPCs / HPOs / GPOs Concerned by 4th March 2022 and the detailed McCamish reports (CPC Wise, Month – Wise, PLI/RPLI Policy-Type wise) of the transactions made will be sent to the respective PAOs and the same will be meticulously checked and monitored by the respective PAO’s. PAOs may be provided access to McCamish reports.

4. While making voucher posting, details of entries are to be clearly & briefly mentioned in the free text field, to enable identification of the unposted entries in the current date. To facilitate easy identification & segregation of accounting entries, the voucher posting may be done on Sundays. Further, the entries are not to be clubbed with the payments made through Cash/Cheque.

5. The CPCs / HPOs / GPOs are required to post thr vouchers into the CSI-SAP system mandatorily for the Disbursement / psyments of PLI & RPLI done through CBS system for the transactions w.e.f. 1st February 2022 ( If not done yet). This is to be done till the PLI-CSI integration on T+1 day on daily basis.

(ii). Fir voucher posting of the said transactions, the following procedure is to be adopted:

(a) The CPCs will confirm the competition of the PLI-CBS transactions on T+1 day and after confirmation, the section memo / paid vouchers (PLI/RPLI disbursement through CBS system) will be handed over to the concerned Section of the HPO / GPO on the same day by the CPCs.

(b) On the same day of its receipt of the sanction memo/paid vouchers from the CPC, the Treasury Branch of the HPO/GPO will do the voucher posting in the CSI-SAP system on the basis of the Sanction Memo / Paid Vouchers as per the point no. II. 2. A. (i) & (iv) (Page-11 to 13) of the Integrated Standard Operating & Accounting Procedure on PLI CBS Integration circulated vide this Directorate’s letter no. 29-26/2020-LI dated 29.07.2021 (copy enclosed). Further, the said Sanction Memo / Paid Vouchers will be sent a/w other paid vouchers of the PLI / RPLI to the Postal Accounts Offices with the Monthly Summary / Returns.

(c) The I Sanction of the Circle Office will monitor the task on daily / monthly basis .

(iii) The Postal Accounts Offices will also monitor the work. However, the officials / officers of Postal Accounts Offices dealing with the PLI / RPLI works will be provided the McCamish / Finance / CSI-SAP access by the Circles for monitoring purpose.

6. The functionality of the direct debit through POSB Cheque & Withdrawal Slip was discontinued w.e.f. 04.08.2021 vide this Directorate’s letter no. 29-26/2021-LI dated 04.08.2021 (copy enclosed). But, while reviewing the status of the PLI-CBS transactions, it was observed that some Post Offices were still doing such transactions. Such transactions should be stopped immediately.

7. In view of the above, it should be ensured that the above-mentioned procedure / instructions are followed by the concerned.

8. This has the approval of competent authority.

Encl: As Above.

(Sharon Shefali Gupta)
General Manager (Finance)

Copy to:-

  • 1. PPS to the Sr. DDG (PAF), PA Wing, DoP (HQ), New Delhi.
  • 2. PPS to the CGM, CEPT, Mysuru.
  • 3. Sr. PPS to the GM (O), PLI Directorate, New Delhi.
  • 4. The Director (Accounts), PA Wing, DoP HQ, New Delhi.
  • 5. The Deputy Director, CEPT, Chennai.
  • 6. The DDM-II/III, Directorate of Postal Life Insurance, New Delhi.
  • 7. The CPM / AAO (PLI-CBS), Bengaluru GPO.
  • 8. Accounts Officer (Book), PA Wing, DoP (HQ), New Delhi
  • 9. CEPT – PLI / F&A Terms.

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