KYC on Foreign Postal Articles – DOP Instructions


Department of Posts issued Instructions on KYC for foreign articles containing good and merchandise – Dated 9th March 2022

No. 71-29/2017-CF-Part (II)
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(IR&GB Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001,
Dated: 09 March, 2022


Subject: Instructions on KYC for foreign articles containing goods/ merchandise.

1. O.M. No. 19-03/2015-DA dated 17.03.2015
2. O.M. No. 71-24/2018-CF dated 12.09.2018
3. Letter No. 71-29/2017-CF dated 02.01.2019
4. Letter No. 71-29/2017-CF dated 17.05.2019
5. O.M. No. 71-13/2020-CF dated 30.09.2020

With references to the O.M.s/letters on the subject cited above and further to control the incidents of trafficking of illicit drugs and narocotic substances through postal services, the following comprehensive instructions shall be followed at the time of booking of foreign articles:

i) Booking PA shall collect a copy of self-attested identity proof (photo identity proof and address proof) of the consignor/sender which can be a copy of AADHAR or any other valid Government ID like Voter ID, Passport, Driving license etc on mandatory basis for booking of any international article containing goods/merchandise. This is in order to fullfill the KYC requirements for international shipments to adhere to the security and customs related regulatory frameworks and to control transmission of prohibited and contraband items through posts.

ii) The KYC documents so collected shall be kept in record along-with the tracking number of the consignment for six months from the date of booking.

iii) In Core System Integration (CSI) enabled Post Office, the customers ID provision may be used with one-time completion of KYC norms to avoid the need to collect such an identity every time. Thus, a concept of “known sender” and “loyal sender” may be introduced in Post offices ro improve convenience of customers using postal services and to encourage repeat usage.

iv) Sender should be requested to provided his/her mobile number along-with the mobile number of the addresses. However, obtaining mobile number is not mandatory at present.

v) Booking person must ensure that correct CN forms (Customs Declarations) with entries under the relevant fields are filled and pasted properly on the consignment.

• CN-22 for a letter post item with contents upto the of 300 SDR.
• CN-23 for each parcel, EMS and letter post item with content value exceeding 300 SDR .

vi) Booking person must capture complete and correct information in PoS module from CN-22/ CN-23.

vii) In case pre-filled CN form is not affixed by the sender, there is an option for printing of CN forms from PoS Module after booking of the article. All data can be filled properly and then CN form can be printed and pasted on shipment with signature of sender.

viii) Booking person must remain vigilant during booking of International Articles with respect to booking of prohibited/restricted item, details of which are available under the heading “Narcotics Drugs, Dangerous Goods and country specific prohibitions/restrictions” in PoS module of CSI.

ix) In case of any doubt about the contents or authentication of CN forms, booking person may ask for examination of real content of consignment being booked and may refuse to accept booking in case of non-compliance of the same by the sender.

x) Excel sheet supplied by BNPL/Bulk customers for direct uploading in PoS module of CSI needs to be scrutinized properly by the dealing official before uploading of data into PoS .

xi) BNPL/Bulk customers shall be informed to refrain from booking ofany item which is not permitted. Any restricted items should be booking only with the required documents.

xii) CCTVs should be installed in the post offices where considerable number of international items are booked, which should also cover booking areas. Recording may be made with preservation period of at least 2 months for booking of international articles.

xiii) In case of window delivery of international articles containing goods/merchandise, proper identity check has to be undertaken before such delivery. This may include, if required, confirmation of address/addresses through the Beat Postman.

3. These instructions may be circulated to all post offices booking international articles and administrative offices. Due care may be taken to improve the customer experience at the Post Offices. Any issue, clarification, suggestion in this regard may be communicated to this office.

(Ram Naresh Sikaria)
Assistant Director General
(International Mails)

1. All Heads of the Postal Circles
2. All Directors, Postal Training Centres
3. GM(CEPT), Musuru with a request to upload this OM on India Post Website

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