Clarification in DOP Transfer Policy


DOP (Department of Posts) Issued Clarification regarding Transfer Policy – Order Dated March 03, 2022

No. X- 12/16/2021 -SPN-II
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110 001
Dated: March 03,2022


a) All Chief Postmaster General
b) Chief General Manager, PLI / Parcel / BD Directorate
c) Chief General Manager, CEPT / Director RAKNPA / Director of all PTCs
d) Addl. Director General, Army Postal Service
e) All General Manager (Finance) / Director Postal Accounts / DDAP

Subject: Transfer Policy Guidelines dated 17.01.2019 – reg.


I am directed to refer to Directorate’s letter of even number dated 31.12.2021 and to say that clarifications are being sought from some Postal Circle. Issues raised by the Postal Circles have been examined and is clarified as under:

(i)Para 3(A)(X) of Transfer guidelines have been modified to bring down eligibility for transfer from two years to one year. However, para 3(A)(i) of Transfer guidelines have not been modified which provides that ‘As a general rule, an oflicial shall not be transferued from one unit to another, either within the same Circle or to another Circle unless he has completed probation period satisfactorily’.Service eligibility as provided under Para 3(A)(X) of Transfer guidelines, for transfer under Rule-38 has been reduced to one year.

Hence, Para 3(A)(i) of the Transfer guidelines may be treated as modified in line with Para 3(A)(X).
(ii)Whether mode of recruitment and category be observed for Intra-Circle mutual transfer of PA/SAConsequent upon maintenance of reservation roster of PA/SA at Circle level, mode of recruitment /category to which an employee belongs need not be observed for Intra-Circle transfer of PA/SA either on mutual basis or otherwise. In case of Inter-Circle transfer of PA/SA these will without fail.

Further, in case of other Divisional cadres viz. Postman/Mail Guard/MTS/etc. mode of recruitment / category shall be observed for Inter-Circle as Intra- Circle transfer.
(iii)Code is allowed to consider Intra- Circle temporary transfer after observing guidelines dated 17.01.2019. Now, as per revised guidelines, Circle has to consider Intra-Circle and Inter-Circle on monthly basis. This is creating confusion for preparing priority list for temporary Intra-Circle transfer. Hence, temporary Intra-Circle transfer of PA/SA may be discontinuedTemporary transfer and Rule-38 transfer are two different aspects wherein Rule-38 addresses request for permanent transfer to a Unit/Circle, where as an official seeks temporary transfer to mitigate short term requirement for being at some place.

The priority list for Rule-38 transfers has no relation to the requests of temporary transfer and such request for temporary transfer may be approved if vacancy is available in requested unit, at the time of consideration.
(iv)Inward Inter-Circle/Intra- Circle waiting list of PA/SA were maintained Division-wise. Hence, procedure for merger of waiting list of PA/SA and operation of additional options which was maintained Division-wise before coming into force of present guidelines.Officials is already in waiting list shall retain their weightage. Merger of waiting / priority list shall be done as under, to prepare combined InterCircle / Intra-Circle priority list:

(a) Request received till 2018 shall be arranged with reference to date of application in relevant year.

(b) Request received during 2019 to Officials 2021 shall be arranged with reference to length of service in relevant year.
(v)As per calculation of vacancy, transfer under Rule-38 are against actual vacancy in preceding month. This will lead to exhaustion of all vacancies in Inward transfer Circles and no ‘vacancy would be left for Compassionate appointment (SN of DR) and Sports quota (5% of DR)At the start of recruitment year i.e in the month of January all recruiting unit shall assess vacancy for a particular recruitment year and distribute it amongst various mode of recruitment provided in the Recruitment Rules within each mode amongst various categories as prescribed. This shall be termed as ‘Provisional Vacancy’. Thereafter, Circle shall earmark vacancy for Compassionate appointment and Sports quota recruitment, which will not be open for considering transfer under Rule-38.

As Provisional vacancy will undergo change due to addition of unforeseen vacancy not assessed earlier, Circle should ensure that the vacancy proportionate to unforeseen vacancy arising during the recruitment year, are added to the vacancies earmarked earlier for Compassionate appointment and Sports quota recruitment with reference to Provisional vacancy.

As and when ‘Final vacancy’ is arrived at, proportionate vacancy for Compassionate appointment and Sports quota should also be finalized.

Yours Faithfully,
(Satya Narayana Dash)
Director (SPN)

Copy to:

  • 1. Sr. PPS / PSO to Secretary (Posts) / Director General Postal Services
  • 2. PPS/ PS to Members, Postal Services Board / Addl. DG(Coordination)
  • 3. Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser, Department of Posts
  • 4. Sr. DDG(Vigilance) & CVO / Sr. DDG (PAF)
  • 5. Secretary, Postal Services Board/ All Deputy Directors General
  • 6. PE-l / PE-II / SPN-I / DE section, Dak Bhawan
  • 7. All recognized Federations / Unions / Associations of Department of Posts
  • 8. Portal Upload Tem, CEPT for uploading the order on the India Post website.
  • 9. Office copy / Guard file

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