What happened to CCIFINQ? Is any one suffering due to CCIFINQ?



CIF Inquire menu in DOP Finacle used to find CIF IDs by entering Aadhaar Number or Mobile Number.

Why does the Menu Option suddenly disappear in DOP Finacle?
CCIFINQ is not available for users – This message appeared two days before. But, there is no communication received regarding the menu option from CEPT/CPC.

End users sharing the following messages in WhatsGroup which is not authenticated.

1. CCIFINQ Menu is discontinued.

2. CCIFINQ Menu is removed and permanently disabled.

3. Temporarily Disabled.

What is the real fact behind this scenario ?
We all know that the Finacle – Service Not available Error occurred for the past one week. But after disabling the CCIFINQ there is no error like Service Not available.

In General, CCIFINQ is a widely used menu for checking multiple CIFs/Finding CIFs using Aadhaar or mobile number. Whenever Finacle is down or error noticed, the menu is disabled immediately without notice like HFINRPT, HPBP, HTV, etc and now CCIFINQ.

What kind of problems are faced by the end user?
It is difficult to find multiple cif using aadhaar No.
Could not find CIF number using Mobile number.
There is no option to find out newly Created unverified CIF
Union leaders should take necessary steps for settling the issues being faced by members in day-to-day work.


Searching alternate like HCRV/HCUDET/CMRC/CCRC

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