Rajasthan Circle PO RMS Accountant Exam Result 2021


Rajasthan Postal Circle Declared List of Qualified Candidates of Departmental PO RMS Accountant Exam held on 31.10.2021 – Here below Full Result


Memo No.: Rectt/2-5/2021/Con
Dated at Jaipur, the 02. 02.2022

The following candidates are hereby declared qualified in Departmental PO/RMS Accountant Examination held on 31.10.2021.

S.NoRoll No.Name of Candidate Comm.DivisionMarks secured
Marks secured ___________ Paper-IITotal Marks
1270002Gopesh Kumar Agarwal, O.A DO AlwarURAlwar82.054.0136.0
2270004Kusandar Kumar Koli, OA DO AlwarSCAlwar44.062.0106.0
3270251Aditya Dhrmawat, P.A., Sawaimadhopur HO
Now- SPM Shiwar SO
OBCSawai Madhopur69.068.0137.0
4270252Manoj Kumar Jangid, PA, Alanpur SO, SawaimadhopurOBCSawai Madhopur54.064.0118.0
5270257Satish Chand Gupta, O.A. DO, Sawaimadhopur
Now- P.A. Gangapur
URSawai Madhopur76.068.0144.0
6270259Manisha Dagur, P.A. Ganganagar HOOBCSawai Madhopur61.078.0139.0
7270262Mamta Meena, P.A., Gangapur HO, Now- OA DO SawaimadhopurSTSawai Madhopur42.067.0109.0
8270301Sangeeta Sain, P.A. Ajmer HOOBCAjmer70.078.0148.0
9270402Sonam Nigam, P.A. Mandalgarh SOURBhlwara63.064.0127.0
10270601Hanuman Prasad Raigarh, P.A. Bundi HO, Now on deputation offg. SPMTaleraSCTonl55.068.0123.0
11270801Amar Chand Singh, P.A. Churir HOOBC/URChuru65.079.0144.0
12270802Khemchand Indliya, P.A. Churu HOSCChuru58.055.0113.0
13270803Parmod Soni, P.A. Churu HOOBCChuru73.077.0150.0
14270804Babu Lal Suthar, P.A. Taranagar LSGOBC/URChuru59.069.0128.0
15270901Chandra Sekhar,P.A. Jodhpur HASCJodhpur47.0Exemption in Paper-II47.0
16270903Babu Lal Patel, OA ,DO JodhpurOBCJodhpur49.063.0112.0


The following candidates have succeeded to get Exemption in Paper-II in Departmental PO/RMS Accountant Examination held on 31.10.2021.

S.No.Roll No.Name of candidateComm.DivisionMarks secured
Marks secured _____________ Paper-IITotal Marks
1.270260Nilam Kumari, O.A., DO Sawaimadhopur, Now- P.A. Hindaun HOURSwai Madhopur43.060.0103.0
2.270904Vijay Kumar, PO Jodhpur HO (On deputation)URJodhpur44.075.0119.0

Note: Result of provisionally permitted candidate Shri Partik Kumar, P.A Sawaimashopur HO, Now-P.A. Hindaun Ho, Sawai Madhopur Division (Roll no.-270261) has been kept in sealed cover.

(M.L. Peepliwal)
Assistant Director (Rectt)
Office of the Chief Postmaster General
Rajasthan Circle, Jaipur-302007

A copy of this memo is issued to:-

  • 1. The ADG (DE), Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001.
  • 2. The Postmaster General Rajsthan Southern Region, Ajmer.
  • 3. The Postmaster General Rajasthan Western Region , Jodhpur.
  • 4. All Sr. Supdt./ Supdt. of Post Office, Rajasthan Circle.
  • 5. The SSRM / SRMs in Rajasthan Circle.
  • 6. The Office Supdt., C.O. Jaipur with one spare copy for displaying on the notice board.
  • 7. File no. Rectt./2-5/2021.
  • 8. Office Copy.

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