Post Office Leasing Policy 2022


Long term leasing and licensing policy for hiring accommodation for office purpose in Department of Posts-reg.

No. BDG-20/3/2021 -Building-DOP
Government of lndia
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Estates Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad marg,
New Delhi-110001
Dated 18th February, 2022


1. All Heads of Circles/Regions
2. Parcel Directorate

Subject: Long term leasing and licensing policy for hiring accommodation for office purpose in Department of Posts-reg.

In supersession of existing orders/instructions on the subject, the competent authority has now decided to frame a comprehensive guideline for leasing office accommodation for use of the Department and licensing of the surplus space available with the Department. These guidelines are given as under in two parts. Part A is for leasing office accommodation for use of the Department and Part B is for licensing of the surplus space available with the Department:

Part A

1. Revision of rent shall be allowed only  once in five years except in the case of accommodation to be hired for setting up of Parcel Hubs in which case revision can be made once in three years. Such revision shall, however, be undertaken by the department only on receipt of a written request for the same from the landlord concerned. Revision of rent, if requested by the landlord should be processed well in lime by the Circle, i.e. within 6 months  from the date of the request made by the landlord. The quantum of increase of rent in all cases shall not exceed 8% p.a. with the exception of cities and towns where Rent Control Act is applicable where it would be lesser of the  increase permitted under the Bent Control Act or increase up to 8% per annum. lf the enhancement proposed is beyond this limit, the Head of the Circles may examine the exigencies involved and decide the case as per his financial powers. Rest of the cases, beyond his financial powers, should be referred to Directorate with the concurrence of CIFA and approval of HOC for approval of Secretary (Posts).

2.  The date of receipt of a request from the landlord for the revision of rent or  the date from which such revision is due i.e. after three/five years, whichever is later, will be the date from which the revision is to be allowed.

3. Revision of rent should be allowed only if necessary repairs, special repairs and maintenance of the rented premises have been carried out by the landlord to the satisfaction of the Department and then landlord agrees and executes a fresh lease agreement after revision of rent.>>> Read More

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