LGO Exam 2021 Delhi Circle – Final Result


Delhi Postal Circle Issued Final Result of LGO Exam Held on 24.10.2021 and DEST held on 13.02.2022 for vacancy Year 2021



1. The Heads of Postal & RMS Divisions/Units, Delhi Circle.
2. The Senior Manager, MMS, Naraina, New Delhi-110028
3. The Superintendent, Foreign Post, New Delhi-110002
4. The Assistant Director (Staff & Vig), Delhi Circle, New Delhi-110001

No: Rectt/R-2/LGO Exam/2021 Dated: 17-02-2022

Sub: Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) from Postman/MailGuard/Dispatch Rider and MTS cadre, for recruitment to the cadre of Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant in Postal Divisions/Units (including Postal Stores Depot), RMS and MMS, LGO other Wings & GDS to PA/SA for the year 2021 held on 24-10-2021 and DEST held on 13-02-2022-Declaration of Final result

Reference is invited to this office letter of even no. dated 27-01-2022 whereby the result of written part(Paper-I & Paper-II) of LGO examination, LGO other Wings Examination & GDS to PA/SA held on 24-10-2021 was declared. The data Entry Skill Test (DEST) for the candidates who qualified in both the Paper-1 & Paper-ll was held on 13-02-2022. Based on the result of DEST held on 13-02-2022, I am directed to declare the final result of above examinations for the year 2021. The result of successful candidates has been declared against the vacancies of their respective parent Divisions or as per the preference given by the candidates and as per the Directorate letter No. 04-08/2019-SPN-I dated 26-07-2019.

2. The relevant Annexure prepared are as given below:

Annexure-1Allotment of Home Divisions in respect of qualified LGOs candidates (Postman/Mailguard/MTS)
Annexure-2Details of vacancies after allotment of Home Divisions to LGOs candidates (Postman/Mailguard/MTS)
Annexure-3Allotment of other Divisions to qualified LGOS candidates (Postman/Mailguard/MTS) as surplus
Annexure-4Details of vacancies after allotment of other Divisions to surplus LGOs candidates (Postman/Mailguard/MTS)

3. offer of appointment/promotion will be given by concerned Divisions/Units to selected candidates given 30 days time to either accept or refuse the offer. If a candidate does not give his acceptance or refusal to join the offered post within the stipulated time. It shall be deemed to have been accepted. However, if such a candidate is already selected/appointed for/in higher post, does not given his acceptance, it shall be deemed to have been refused. These provisions of ‘deemed acceptance’ and ‘deemed refusal’ should be communicated to the candidate.

4. The selection of the candidates is based on the eligibility criteria for qualifying in the examination issued vide this office Notification of even No. dated 13.09.2021.

5. In case of deciding of inter-se rank/merit in case of more that one candidates scoring equal marks, instructions contained in Directorates letter No. 04-08/2019-SPN-I dated 11.12.2020 has been followed and accordingly Inter-se rank/merit has been decided as per date of birth where the older candidate will be placed higher than the younger candidate for all categories including GDS candidates.

सहायक निदेशक ( स्थापना एवं भर्ती)
Assistant Director (R&E)
कार्यालय मुख्य पोस्टमास्टर जनरल
O/o Chief Postmaster General
दिल्ली परिमंडल, न‌ई दिल्ली- 110001
Delhi Circle, New Delhi-110001

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