GDS to PA Exam 2021 Result – UP Circle


UP Circle declared result of GDS to PA Exam 2021 held on 24th October 2021 for the Vacancy Year 2021 – UP Circle

Department of Posts, India
Office of the Chief Postmaster General, UP Circle, Lucknow-226001

Memo No: Rectt/M-12/GDS to PA Exam/2021/6 Dated at Lucknow the 31.01.2022

Sub: Declaration of result of GDS to PA Examination 2021 held on 24th October 2021(Sunday) Followed by Data Entry Skill Test (DEST) 22.01.2022 against the unfilled vacancies of LDCE LGOs to PA/SA Exam held on 24th October, 2021.

The result of the GDS to PA Examination 2021 held on 24th October, 2021 (Sunday) followed by Data Entry Skill Test (DEST) held on 22.01.2022 for the vacancy year 2021 (01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021) against the unfilled vacancies of LDCE LGOs to PA/SA Examination held on 24th October, 2021 is hereby declared.

2. The relevant Annexures prepared are as given below:

Annexure-IAllotment of Home Divisions in respect of qualified GDS candidates
Annexure-IIDetails of vacancies after allotment of Home Divisions to GDS candidates

Table 2.1 Offer of appointment/promotion will be given by concerned Divisions/Unit to selected candidates given 30 days time to either accept of refuse the offer. If a candidate does not given his acceptance or refusal to join the offered post within the stipulated time it shall be deemed to have been accepted. However, if such a candidate is already selected/appointed for/in a higher post doesn’t given his acceptance. It shall be deemed to have been refused. This Provision of ‘deemed acceptance’ and ‘deemed refusal’ should be communicated to the candidate.

2.2 Allotment of other Divisions to surplus qualified GDS candidates as per their category will be done on unfilled vacancies later on. If any successful candidate does not join in alloted Division or submit his/her refusal such Vacancy will be also be taken into account to Allotment of division to surplus candidate next in merit.

3. The Selection of candidate is based on the eligibility criteria of qualified in the examination issued vide the office notification to even no. dated 13.09.2021.

4. In case of deciding of inter-se rank/marit in case of more that one Candidates scoring equal marks instructions contained Directorate’s letter No 04.08.2021-SPN-I dated 11.12.2029 has been followed and accordingly Inter-se rank merit has been be decided as per date of birth where the older candidate will be placed higher and the younger candidate for all categories including GDS candidates.

5. The information relating to the name of the candidates their Roll no and community have been shown on the basis of informative furnished by the head of regional/Divisional Office. The head of the division/unit are requested that particular of successful candidates viz. Roll no Name, community and their eligibility to appear in the said examination are re-checked before declaration of their result. They will also check that number of such candidates alloted to their Units is not more than the number of vacancies proposed to be filled through the said examination.

6. In case if it is found subsequently that any of the selected candidate was not eligible to appear in the examination under the existing Rules Instructions on the subject or for any reason or in case of discrepancy is found regards to announcement of Results of any candidate for any reason whatsoever his her name will be deleted from the list of successful candidates, as the case may be.

7. In respect of SC/ST candidates promotion of the candidates is provisional subject to verification of their caste status. Head of the Unit will take an undertaking from the officials to this effect at the time of their reliving and insure verification of caste status within one month.

8. The division/Regions are requested to verify the Current Status of the candidature at the all qualified candidates before declaration of the results. If any discrepancy is found of request any item the matter should immediately be reported to his office and respective result should not be declared until receipt of clearance from this office. Further in case of any disciplinary is pending or punishment is current against any candidate the matter should be referred to this office for obtaining the instructions and result should not be declared until receipt of clearance from this office.

9. This results is also subject to any change in merit list of selected candidates for any reason accordance with the existing Rules and Instructions on the subject. It may be ensured that no Provisional candidates is given opponents without Regularzation of the candidature and such cases need to be kept pending except in very exceptional & unavoidable Circumstances.

10. In respect of surplus qualified candidates it may be brought to the notice of such candidates that preferences given in application form final and no withdrawal or change is allowed subsequently action will be initiated against such candidate as the entire exercise will become futile.

11. Request for Re-totalling revaluation will be entertained in the light of instructions of the Directorate. Photo copies of Answer sheet will be supplied to the candidate on submission of application under RTI Act only on furnishing OMR Form No. and Roll Number.

11.1. Applications under RTI Act for supply of photo copies of Answer will be entertained in the following manner:

Candidates who wish to have the copies of Answer Sheets supplied are required to pay a fee of Rs.25/- per paper with key plus Rs.10/- toward fee or application under RTI Act in the post office accounts and submit their applications through the Division/Unit concerned along with the receipt for payment of fee in original.

This is issued with approval of the Chief PMG, Chief ,UP, Circle Lucknow.

DA: As Above

O/o the Chief PMG,
UP Circle, Lucknow – 226 001

Copy for information& necessary action to:

1. The director (DE) Postal Directorate, NewDelhi
2. The PMsG Agra ,Allahabad, Bareilly, Gorakhpur ,Kanpur, Lucknow HQ, Varansi Region.
3. The DPS Ghaziabad. All the Units Head of UP Circle
5. The officer incharge P&T Admin cell APS Centre pin 900746 C/O 56 APO
6. The director PTC , Saharanpur
7. The director (CEPT) Mysore for uploading this results on India Post website.
8. Office & spare copies

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