Alternate Menus for CCIFINQ – 4 Finacle Menu


There is no replacement for CCIFINQ

Alternate Method 1: 

DOP Finacle Meun : HCRV 

Click on CIF ID Searcher.

Alternate Method 2
1. Invoke menu HCUDET.
2. Click on the 🔍 icon near CIF ID field. A pop-up window will open.
3. Give Document type as AADHAR and fill Unique ID with the adhar number.
4. Click Submit. system will show CIF ID corresponding to the provided Aadhar no.
Note : Method 1 and Method 2 does not support to find unverified CIF.

Alternate Method 3
Invoke Finacle Menu CCRC
Enter a dummy name in Last Name
Enter a dummy name in Father/Spouse Name
Tax Status PAN Available
Enter PAN Number
System will through a warning message that PAN is already linked to another CIF & will provide you the unverified CIF number auto
Remark: this will work only if you had entered PAN while creating that unverified CIF

Alternate Method 4
Invoke menu CCRC
Function : Verify
Enter the CIF ID : First 4 digits of any CIF created that day
Click on Verify
Click TAB 2 times
Then click ENTER
A list of unverified CIF will be displayed

This menu is also not helping to find out as CIF of the concern SOL could not be traced out from the list displaying.

Alternate Method 5
Invoke CMRC
Choose function as Inquiry
User searcher 🔍 icon next to the CIF
Enter Aadhar number in place of unique id

No alternate/replacement found for CCIFINQ.

We need CCIFINQ again with the dropdown option of Mobile/Aadhaar/PAN number.

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