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Speed Post Compensation Ruling of Department of Posts

Speed Post Compensation Ruling Of Department Of Posts

Speed Post Compensation Ruling – Regarding Payment of Compensation/Money back Guarantee for delay or loss of articles relating to speed post and other premium products.

Directorate Letter No. 43-4/87-BDD Dated 22.01.1999 to All Chief Postmaster General, Regarding Payment of Compensation/Money Back Guarantee for delay or loss of articles relating to Speed Post and other premium products.

The issue of payment of compensation for delay/loss of article or its contents relating to Speed Post and other premium products has been under examination in this Directorate. Speed Post and premium products of the Department are special services to be provided within a prescribed time frame. At present no provision of Compensation for loss or delayed cases is available for premium services except Speed Post, but the compensation for loss of article or its contents was felt to be inadequate. Customers generally enquire about the inadequate entitlement for compensation of loss of articles.

Hence, in order to provide for a more responsive redressal system for public complaints and to make our premium products more attractive for users, the following decisions have been taken by the Department.

1. Speed Post Service

(a) In the event of delay of domestic Speed Post articles beyond the prescribed delivery norms published from time to time, as a part of money back guarantee, the speed post charges paid by the Customer will be refunded, subject to the condition that :

  • Delay due to curfew, bandhs and strike etc. will not count as delay in delivery and such days of interruption will be excluded from the total days taken in delivery of articles.
  • The Article booked beyond cut off time will be counted as booked on the next day and will be marked as ” Booked after cut off time”.

(b) In the event of loss of a Speed Post Article, loss of contents or damage to the contents, the compensation payable to the customer will be – Double the speed post charges or Rs. 1000/- whichever is less.

The loss of article or loss or damage to its contents will first be established on receipt of confirmation to this effect from office of delivery/destination and responsibility fixed and amount of compensation recovered from the official/s at fault.

But settlement of claim will not be linked with recovery from the official. The sanction order will be issued straightway on receipt of confirmation in respect of loss or damage to contents of the article from delivery end.

Here below Order in Detail as in Images.

Speed post loss ruling
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